Wednesday 10/06/2009, 17:11

Hello all,

Our Brazilian players asked us many times about another mean of payment than credit card.
Good news for them : now it is possible to purchase credits by SMS from Brazil.

You will find more information about it in the Shop.

Have fun !

Friday 12/06/2009, 08:28

Pls in the philippines to.. there are a lot of filipino players..pls..

Friday 12/06/2009, 16:58

That's kool.....but plz do it in india

Friday 12/06/2009, 18:08

It would be really high price though if philippines get it but oh well smiley

Saturday 13/06/2009, 07:56

That explains a lot. Thanks for tellng me Cel.

Monday 15/06/2009, 01:29

Thanks UR Staff!!! I'm sure you will make a lot of money with us =P
And I'm sorry for bothering you all this time asking for another mean of payment... I know we are boring, but at least it was worth!!

Monday 15/06/2009, 13:18

Please try to do it in the philippines...
so many of us are so willing to pay through SMS just waiting for the chance...
thanks for continuing to improve UR...

Monday 15/06/2009, 19:21

Denmark coul use it too.
well i could use it.
i don't got access to a credit card...

Tuesday 16/06/2009, 03:36

Now you could make the Brazil SMS credits cheaper, because for now they are more expensive than the "pay by cash" option, that includes the legendary Brazilian banking taxes.

Good having a new option, but not so good if its too expensive.

Friday 10/07/2009, 00:39

Bulgarian is cheap smiley

Friday 10/07/2009, 01:38

USA, just kidding. I think it is wonderful that more countries are getting into this game and are finding ways to get more powerful by different payment methods.


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