offline UC_Cbrdrgn Senior  
Thursday 20/07/2006, 19:22

Does no one accecpt challenges anymore? I've been on for 25 min and had 4 challenges accecped. I'm only lvl 16 not like i'm lvl 43. Come one people FIGHT!

offline Lonith Hero  
Wednesday 02/08/2006, 19:17

Do what me and a friend have done. Just make sure you both are online. Then just challenge each other. This way you get a fair fight and no time outs. Also you can help each othere level your cards. Get enough friends to play and you can have endless hours of play time with smooth battles.

offline Kedanna Titan  
Wednesday 02/08/2006, 22:04

I accept every fight unless I'm either A) teaching a friend to play, or B) am having some weird computer problemd.

If its A, I will refuse it, if its B, sadly you're looking at the timer. Just a heads up for who ever is keeping track that likes to play.

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