offline Kedanna Titan  
Friday 21/07/2006, 18:15

So far I've noticed that a lot of people will rather time out, or flat out quit rather then losing. This is really annoying me, and I've noticed its mostly the higher level people doing it. The quitting I don't mind as much because atlest then you don't have to wait like the 5-10 mintues before playing again. It still annoys me that you don't get clints or ranking from it either way, and it happens so offten I wish the people here would make it so if you leave or time out, it counts as a lose.

offline AOD_CKANE Imperator  
Monday 24/07/2006, 17:03

I get my xp points after someone timesout (I could be wrong) I thought they set it up so if opp timedout then you get what you won.

offline Schubacca Master  
Monday 24/07/2006, 19:59

You get you basic xp for cards played, but you get no bounes xp from the win/loss (and no xp for any cards you havn't played) and you get not points (which is the main of the problem in turnies) or clintz. Nor is the win/loss actualy marked.

offline gaztaseven Master  
Tuesday 25/07/2006, 16:31

I think there should be a time limit on choosing the card you play, and if you go over that limit, either you lose or, a random card is automatically played for you with no pillz. That might solve the problem.

offline Schubacca Master  
Tuesday 25/07/2006, 17:40

I've already said that.

If a player times out they should turn into a bot where the comp chooses cards and pills at randome. That way neither side is punished, nor is any one rewarded

offline AOD_CKANE Imperator  
Tuesday 25/07/2006, 21:19

The person who timesout is punished if the computer loses, unless that person gets no history to that fight then its ok

offline Kedanna Titan  
Thursday 27/07/2006, 07:08

I agree 100%! Not only does timing out give you no rewards, it gives them no punishment and it keeps you from being able to fight someone else. But if the person became a bot, even a slow bot, it would help out the honest people. At this rate, people can just make a new name, and time out rather then losing and keeping a perfect record. Its also getting to the point its hard to trust Evo people, I've had more then one cheat. You lay down for the first round like is evo style, they use 3-4 pills and a strong card not full level because that would give it away, then the second round they use another powerful card and all the left over pills, and boom take the win. If you're not good enough to play, don't play.

offline *TG*chronic Hero  
Thursday 27/07/2006, 19:24

It is stupid because if u lose you don't lose any points, just not get as much

offline Hanzo Hitouri Imperator Empire of Paladins
Saturday 29/07/2006, 06:39

Man it really is p***ing me off tho with the time outs...its stupid and the people that do it are even more stupid...just because they know they are going to lose they still shouldnt be cheap!i think the main administrator should look into this!

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