Friday 22/06/2007, 10:44

The Freaks aren't finished yet! Once again they've grown massively with the arrivals of Kharl the sad giant looking for revenge, Eve the best friend of the snakes, Crassus the violent clown and Titus the uncontrollable genetically modified tiger. Find all these cards in the New Blood and Cool Attitude packs in the shop.

Saturday 30/06/2007, 06:19

Asking.......Ability Of Eve Please!

Saturday 30/06/2007, 08:40

-10 opp attack, min 5

Tuesday 10/07/2007, 21:43

Hey i noticed that in the description of the freakz clan it mentions a few different types of characters such as knife throwers and such but it also says magician and there is not a magician themed freak released u think that there will be one released soon??

Tuesday 10/07/2007, 22:09

I believe it will be the last of the Freaks, a magician.

And i still believe it will be a 3 star uncommon card, as they don't have it on the clan

Wednesday 11/07/2007, 05:34

I know eve's ability:-10 opp attack min.5

Thursday 12/07/2007, 00:24

Mr BodyGuard, if you use 4 pillz, your Attack goes up to 40 with Power 8, because it calculates with your original power...
unless you meant use 3 pillz, 4 with the original pill counted...

Saturday 21/07/2007, 03:09

I know this question is out of topic, but a lot of the character cards I see have 'Cr' in them, and I have to know: what does that mean?

Saturday 21/07/2007, 09:09

Collector ( doesn't exist anymore in pack's )


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