offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Friday 22/06/2007, 16:31

Well you may notice im gone for a few days because i was playing runescapesmiley(
It has reached 2million players worldwide,as for me i play BUT JUNE 23 it happened!
I was to login on the forums when i realized someone changed my password,really i was shocked,i called one of my "friends" to transfer the items,ok im done,i gave him all my items and after that i told him to go "free world" were my 2nd account is not paid...and so i expected nothing,what a cruel lifesmiley
As for me i quit this game,i gaved my accounts to my friends and everything i know to runescape
BTW,i played this game 2 years from now,though this may not be an event,i hope you can feel who are "friends" really are.

For now Long LIVE URBAN-RIVALSsmiley

offline Gone4eva Senior  
Sunday 05/08/2007, 02:24

Wow I Play Runescape Too.......... It's Hard Too I Cant Play It Anymore

offline Gone4eva Senior  
Saturday 01/09/2007, 03:14

I saw the ad of UR so i went here to register!this is the most fun game ever

offline AC_Swancino Veteran  
Friday 11/04/2008, 06:52

I play runescape but very rarely

offline Robareid Veteran  
Friday 11/04/2008, 06:56

I got hacked on runescape 3 times and got account back 3 times but im so bored opn it

offline Bralbuc Titan  
Friday 11/04/2008, 07:57

I haven´t played since i´m here in UR, my username is the same as this name.

offline 0- invoker Guru  
Friday 11/04/2008, 08:18

Welcome back sven!!

offline Gryazzie Titan  
Saturday 12/04/2008, 02:01


offline 3M Andrei 3x Senior Urban United
Saturday 12/04/2008, 04:58

I'm sorry to hear that

offline hypotonic Senior  
Tuesday 16/10/2012, 20:28

I have 400k Clintz neeeed some runescape gold anyone have runwscape hold I'm trading Clintz for gold

offline 0 KILLIC Colossus Open Casket
Wednesday 17/10/2012, 18:47

I play runescape

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