Making a Pure Ulu Watu or Pure Uppers ELO deck. Suggestions?

Saturday 23/06/2007, 07:10

Ulu Watu Cards:
Hikiyousan (3)
Chad Bread
Coraille (3)

Frankie Hi (2)
Mo DiFalco
Gina Glitt

I know my cards suck... and doubles arent allowed...
so which cards should I buy and/or use?
(please dont tell me to buy expensive cards, Im poor)

Saturday 30/06/2007, 15:55

I have a question: What's with Ice Jim? He's selling for almost 2k. Back when I started a month ago, he sold for 600... What's up with that?

Saturday 30/06/2007, 15:57

Oops, my mistake... I rolled down the price list without knowing. Sorry!!!!!


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