Tuesday 08/06/2010, 11:06

The Shop hasn’t changed in three years. It’s getting a facelift today.
Action, Cool attitude and Danger packs give way to three brand new revolutionary packs which allow you to choose which clans you’ll get in the pack. In the Classic pack, you’ll find 3 characters within 6 clans at your choice. In the Elite pack you’ll get three cards too but within 4 clans only. The Titanium pack goes further with its 30 characters within 4 clans at your choice without any doubles in.
More change : three other new packs appeared which allow you to buy Clintz so you can do your shopping in the Market directly (2000, 4000 or 10000 Clintz).
New Blood, Full Deck and Rainbow packs didn’t change et you can still find them in the Shop.

Tuesday 08/06/2010, 23:06

New packs look awesome smiley

i dunno if the 5 credits extra is worth a 2 clan drop but... we will see smiley

Dunno about the Titanium value 30 cards for 295 credits :/ draw point is 4 clans and no doubles but i think ill stick with the other packs smiley

Full decks no difference just a better picture smiley

No change in new blood or rainbow ether except the pictures smiley

Classic is just gonna be like picking action or cool or danger but we pick which clans

elite just the same but only 4 but im not 100% sure if 5 credits are worth it... ain't looked alot into what the possibilitys are but anyways Great work like usual smiley

Tuesday 08/06/2010, 23:16

Just bought a titanium pack. My suggestion is to pick clans with valuable uncommons. I selected Jungo, Skeelz, Ulu Watu, and Nightmare, and it paid off.

Rares were Nistarok, Kreen, Elea, Pan, and Buck.
Uncommons were Vince, Taigo, Niva, Hikiyousan, Ghumbo, Ongh, Nanook, Scopica, and Aigwon
Couple commons worth around 1000 clintz, the rest were around 200.

Tuesday 08/06/2010, 23:26

@Fraggle: Thanks for the quick response regarding the App update and possible pack updates - It's good to know the App has not been forgotten about as in some ways I find it more fun to use than the browser version. The update to the packs on the App can't happen quick enough for

Tuesday 08/06/2010, 23:38

@Dichdude: dont worry. We have quite a few iphone players in the team (myself included) smiley We are also playing on the iPad (using the doubled-size feature), it's quite nice smiley

To let you know, the ipod/iphone version is quite a huge success for us so we have no intention of letting it down. It's just a matter of available time.

Hopefully, we'll get some time to work out an HD version for the iPad, but we only have 2 hands (well, a few more but you see my point smiley).

Tuesday 08/06/2010, 23:52

@ Fast is Fun, the price for paypal went from 38.80 Euro to 43.99 Euro.
That's an increase of 13% if I'm correct. I could better ask someone in Usa to buy them for me.... Way cheaper probably

Tuesday 08/06/2010, 23:59

Titanium 9.8 credits a card, Elite 8.3 credits per card

No thanks

Tuesday 08/06/2010, 23:59

@marco: the price should not have changed. We have 3 fixed set of prices for Paypal, one for USA/Canada ($), one for Europe (EUR + vat), one for the rest of the world (EUR without vat). The sets is automatically selected from what country we detected you are in (it's that way for law reason). Of course, we may have unseen a bug somewhere, so please contact us thru support if that's so.

Wednesday 09/06/2010, 00:01

@Fraggle, are you willing to share a bit more? I've been really curious how well the app is doing for you in terms of players and revenue. Free apps w/ paid components have cracked the top 5 a couple times, but there are rarely more than 1-2 in the U.S. top 100. Are iPhone people more or less revenue, on average, than people who play through facebook? The main web client?

Wednesday 09/06/2010, 00:07

Well I just checked my bank account and yesterday It costed me 38.80 and today 43.99.
I'll contact them fraggle.

Wednesday 09/06/2010, 00:08

Woot time to save for a titanium pack


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