offline crocobill Imperator  
Tuesday 13/07/2010, 11:36

Please give us your ideas in order to enlarge our community in this part of the world. We would also like you to help us identify new payment providers, potential communication partners (game websites, blogs, ...)

We are also looking for motivated players who could help us getting Urban Rivals known (by presenting the game in blogs for instance).

offline Sahil23 Imperator Open Casket
Wednesday 17/06/2015, 11:41

I'll be honest about India....
Many of my friends tried playing UR, but got bored as the tutorial is too long, and there is no starting lead....maybe provide starting players with a elite pack which gives untradable cards?

offline 0C DanTe Titan Open Casket
Wednesday 17/06/2015, 14:54

I agree with Sahil as my friends did the Same and also one condition like unlocking market by money is kinda bad for friends i know u cant do anything for it just sayingsmiley

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