offline klepp8 Master  
Tuesday 21/09/2010, 07:28

I am having a hard time understanding this game and the concepts of winning and losing a specific round inside of a battle. I have scoured the forums for answers to my questions before posting and I have read the FAQ's and the game rules as well. I do not remember if it was in the FAQ or the game rules that i read this but it said that "this game has absolutely no randomness in it." I am playing in NON random battles and my understanding for the winning card in a round is as follows:

-The card with the higher attack always wins. It has happened to me once that i had an attack power of 16 after all bonuses and abilities were accounted for and the opponent had and attack power of 10 after all bonuses and abilities were accounted for. I lost this battle playing in NON random.

-Next is the way a winner is determined when the attack power is equal. I read that winner is the card with the lesser amount of stars will win with. If the stars are the same, then the attacker will win the battle. This problem has occurred to me 3 different times. Twice i have had a card maxed out with 3 stars and 4 stars and my opponent had a card maxed out with 5 stars both times and we both had equal attack power. I lost both of these match ups. Next i had the attack with equal stars and equal power and lost so I assumed i was wrong in my definition of attacking, but I later had a battle where I was defending and the opponent still won with equal stars and attack power. Please help me.

offline Xiander Titan Random Encounter
Tuesday 21/09/2010, 08:35

There are two possible explanations, either you are not actually playing no random or there is some sort of glitch.

To make sure that you are playing No Random, go to your profile, click "change you account details and preferences", choose the tab "your preferences, under the "Game" section choose no random.

If it is a glitch there is little i can do to help. I can however verify that you have understood the game mechanics correct.

offline URHunter Titan  
Tuesday 21/09/2010, 09:28

It might help if you have a screenshot of the fight, or at least tell us the relevant cards. You mentioned that the bonus and ability is taken into account, did you count Hugo? He gives the team +6 attacks, so the 10 attack would be 16, and the lower star would win. It would give his team higher attack in the "equal attack" match.

offline klepp8 Master  
Tuesday 21/09/2010, 19:43

Alright, thank you for the help. The next time it happens i will be sure to take specific note of the characters that are involved in the round as well as the characters involved in the entire battle.

With the same stars same attack power, it says the attacker wins. Who is classified as the attacker, the first card played or the second card played?

offline renega- Guru  
Tuesday 21/09/2010, 20:45

The first one

offline Acts238 Senior  
Wednesday 22/09/2010, 02:01

I didn't post this but it helped me. I also lost round where I had a lot more attack. It also explained the whole situation with the same attack power.

offline str8luck Master Avengers of Doom
Saturday 02/10/2010, 19:38

No this is bs! keppl8 is right this has been hapening to me non stop and no im not playing in a random room i had 50att on a play who only had 30 and i lost smiley really lost with 20 more att.??? this happens all the time too. out of 10 times in the last 2 days this has happend maybe more the and 2 times its happend wear i have had less power and won. when it comes to a tie on power i have lost 18 out of 20 i didnt not know about the star thing ill start looking more into that. my had is vortex and fang. vortex has always lost in a tie fang has won 2 times funny thing was the last 2 times i was tied 1 i was vortex agaist fang = everything vortex lost i lost the battle next battle got down to the same thing but i was the fang that the last guy had same card and stats and he was the vortex i had same everything. so i was like sweet im going to when cuz i just lost the same hand nope lost again

offline coolasc Imperator  
Sunday 03/10/2010, 00:42

@str8luck: loool, actually once had a 103 vs 52 lose, ya, tht's only 1 attack under double, but in random mode it may always happen unless u can double

do not give up, try to get better cards, and always look at the top right conner (so u know for sure if it's random or no)... if u go deathmach it's by most person's choice so even if u got always no random it may happen tht u get in a random room

available UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Sunday 03/10/2010, 15:06

It has been known to go wrong sometimes

offline g4nggr33n Senior  
Tuesday 12/10/2010, 10:50

I have the same thing with a fight between attacker Rycardo from montana and defender Myke from la junta.
R used 4+1 pillz and M used 3+1 pillz but still Myke lost with 16 attack points To Rycardo's 10 attack.
These are both maxed out characters how is this possible
all abillities were also active and they had no back up from others from there clan

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