offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Wednesday 07/09/2011, 17:41

Many of you enjoyed the new slot machine, but you wanted a big prize which would please the winners. Wish granted! A big prize has been added: 250 000 Clintz!!
All prizes have been raised and the smaller one is now 15 Clintz.
So now, don’t hesitate to visit the gaming room of the Borgia’s palace! Click on «PLAY» and then on the «Play Slots» tab on the game window.

Buona Fortuna!

offline greatness48 Veteran Icelandic Vikings
Sunday 18/09/2011, 06:50

I'm digging the slot machines. I have a problem though. The last two times I tried it, it just kept spinning and then said that an error occurred. That would be fine, except that it took 6 of my tickets and didn't give me the spins. Who do I take this to?

offline Nvrmind_OK Colossus Organized Konfusion
Sunday 18/09/2011, 09:12

Same problem here. Lost 7 tickets over the last 6 hours and it just keeps spinning and then saying an error occurred. I don't see any way to check and see if it's fixed other thatn to try and spin again but I just keep losing tickets. Can the devs notify us that there's a problem and give an eta for a fix?

offline emyuu Hero  
Sunday 18/09/2011, 10:06

Same here, it wont stop spinning then it will say that at error occurred. i lost 5 tickets.

offline Andralexis Senior  
Sunday 18/09/2011, 10:08

I have tested this in different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE8 and Safari from Windows; Safari, Camino, Firefox and Opera from Mac) and the results are the same:
SLOT MACHINE IS NOT WORKING PROPERLY. About 80% of the attempts end up in the "An error occured while drawing results" message popping up, eating your tickets in the process (this will not be apparent until a few minutes later).

DO NOT USE THE SLOT MACHINE, it is bugged. Please UR staff, fix it, the new prizes look awesome!

offline 0 Pride Imperator URBAN MADNESS
Sunday 18/09/2011, 10:12

We have a UR FB chat and a guy posted that he hit the 250k jackpot
he bought a kero when he got the money

offline superkamu Senior  
Sunday 18/09/2011, 11:03

It seems from yesterday I always come into the problem greatness48 wrote: the slot says error occured, takes away my tickets and give no prize.

I tried to clean my browser cache but it did not help.

Thank you.

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Sunday 18/09/2011, 12:54

Greatness48: The same thing happened to me but i kept the tickets.

offline Scder Veteran  
Sunday 18/09/2011, 14:53

I experienced the same phenomenon as greatness48 (even though I lost only 2 or 3 tickets, as I only used the one free ticket I got at a time). I don't got any workaround, but just can confirm, that it's not a problem with your specific pc / connection setup, but is more widespread: We're at least two and probably a lot more people who didn't report (yet).

offline Carbonneke Senior  
Sunday 18/09/2011, 15:18

@ greatness48
Same problem here smiley

offline Valhalas Titan  
Sunday 18/09/2011, 15:42

Same problem, but it doesn't "take away tickets" like some of you wrote, sometimes it just still registers your play, but you can't see it, because you get error - f.e. I got error, but my clintz jumped by 100, so I know I won 100 clintz, it just didn't show.

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