offline Boing Legend  
Wednesday 18/07/2012, 18:11

With the recent release of Andy Ld from the Skeelz, all the clans now have their own legendary character and as a result, we are going to slightly modify the rate of return of the old Ld characters. From now on, there will be an Ld return every fortnight and missions will be available for two months, so that very quickly there will be 4 to 5 LDs permanently available. Moreover, players finishing a series of LD missions who already own the corresponding LD characters will continue to receive 10 credits. 

offline Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Wednesday 18/07/2012, 21:40

It isn't written in the stars that it's one Ld per clan. All we know is that for the time being, they settle on one for each clan.

Although I agree on Gulla's idea on 1* Lds. Or in the same spirit, 6*.

offline Vroteier9 Imperator  
Wednesday 18/07/2012, 21:46


offline LoA Styx Veteran  
Wednesday 18/07/2012, 21:50

Come to me Bonnie Ld! smiley

offline seedweeds Imperator WHITE FIGHTERS
Wednesday 18/07/2012, 21:59

I don't know how anyone can complain about this annoucement. Awesome news UR I'm gonna be rolling in credits.smiley

offline Nerfhertitty Hero  
Wednesday 18/07/2012, 22:00


offline wuggla Senior the courtyard of shadows
Wednesday 18/07/2012, 22:19


offline arm_yume Titan The Trend
Wednesday 18/07/2012, 22:20

I still want to see an Ld for the leaders. I sent an idea for an awesome ability for it too. "enable bonus" would enable the bonus of all cards in your hand, even if they only one of that clan you were holding. It would make Giest, Roots and Giest a lot more valuable.
Personally I would fashion him after the Bangers; call him Bopper (a reference to the movie "Warriors"smiley; and his art work would be after the guy who gets shot in the beginning while uniting the gangs. It would fit with the UR story because at some point the clans will unite.

offline seedweeds Imperator WHITE FIGHTERS
Wednesday 18/07/2012, 22:20

So what's the next big thing going to be for UR?

I have a suggestion although the planners probably already have one too.

I call it headhunting. It would be a group of missions that you acheive periodically. They would be focused on beating certain characters with other characters or just beating certain characters.

Because there will always be 4-5 clans that will complete the legendary missions UR can predict some of the characters that will be used during a given time period. They can use these as target characters and a player would have to collect all of the heads however many times required to receive some reward.

There is a drawback to this though. If people aren't already using a deck to complete the legendary missions, then they will probably be using a deck to headhunt. This could decrease the variety of clans being used.

offline exxtreamslayer Guru The Unfound Effort
Wednesday 18/07/2012, 22:29

I vote for a leader ld .

offline UM-Eppic Imperator URBAN MADNESS
Wednesday 18/07/2012, 22:41

Gail ld

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