offline Boing Legend  
Wednesday 18/07/2012, 18:11

With the recent release of Andy Ld from the Skeelz, all the clans now have their own legendary character and as a result, we are going to slightly modify the rate of return of the old Ld characters. From now on, there will be an Ld return every fortnight and missions will be available for two months, so that very quickly there will be 4 to 5 LDs permanently available. Moreover, players finishing a series of LD missions who already own the corresponding LD characters will continue to receive 10 credits. 

offline ultimateaeos Master Raining Fire
Wednesday 18/07/2012, 23:41

Thats freakin awesome! but i still want a legendary character (Ld) for the Leaders clan

offline ghelas Titan E X C A L I B U R
Wednesday 18/07/2012, 23:45

I definitely like this, but I hope we still get a new round of Lds eventually.

offline Farxiga Colossus TRiNiTY
Wednesday 18/07/2012, 23:59

@thoazol i like how you worded that but yes 6* God cards or beast cards whatever you want to call them would be nice to see.

offline sigmazeus Imperator Dead Elements
Thursday 19/07/2012, 01:44

So wait, no Leader Ld? Thats disappointing. However I love the fact that we'll be able to get 10 credits for finishing the ld missions we already have the ld for though

offline Monox D I-Fly Guru Aliwondo
Thursday 19/07/2012, 02:31

What, so we can't have more than 1 same Ld characters? Oh, this is sad. Now my dream of having all cards on ALL LEVELS won't be fulfilled. smiley

offline Calibann Titan Academy of the Cards
Thursday 19/07/2012, 03:53

I think this is a good announcement.
Those people who didn't have a chance to get the cards before will be able to now by accomplishing the same missions as before. That's a Win.
Those who already have the card can choose, if they so desire, to re-accomplish the missions and earn 20 FREE credits a month. That is also a Win.
The cards aren't saleable so it's not like it's gonna flood the market so no loss there.

As for everyone asking about a 2nd wave of LD's I am sure that the UR staff is working on them (among many other projects) at this time. We have to consider the time to think of the cards attributes (and how they will play with the other cards they are going to be introducing) and artwork.

I am happy with this announcement because I was forced to take a year off and missed some LD's I am a dedicated player and appreciate the opportunity to gain the cards I missed out on.

Thank You UR staff.

offline Diarrhea King Guru Clumsy Shadows
Thursday 19/07/2012, 04:12

I too was REALLY hoping for a Leader LD, that would be hot. Although I do love the idea of 10 credits. But please of beloved UR developers, consider the idea of a Leader LD.

offline Exclikecool Titan «One Piece»
Thursday 19/07/2012, 05:03

A leader ld would be awsome especially if it were like a 4* a an ability like all the others that affects the whole game

offline Omazaa Veteran  
Thursday 19/07/2012, 05:23

I wish that there would have been a leader legendary, but it's more than understandable why it was decided against. I mean, what would its stats be? Ability? If it's incredibly weak then I couldn't consider it legendary enough (not to say the legendary's we have are amazing), but at the same time how could you justify making a leader card with a team: unique ability (I'm assuming unique ability as that's basically what makes the leader cards leaders), that certain players are totally unable to access for months on end. The leader's have always seemed like cool little incentives to level up, a legendary leader just probably wouldn't work.

That being said, I was still hoping there would be a ld leader. 5 stars. 1 power. 1 damage. ability: Team: disregard leader's bonuses.

offline _-DarkNeo-_ Novice  
Thursday 19/07/2012, 06:37


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