Tuesday 16/10/2012, 10:21

Hello all,

Since the release of the temporary New Blood and LD missions, a lot of you asked if it was possible to put back the missions you’ve missed so as to gain the mission points.

To answer to this demand, we will allow you to reactivate the expired missions for a price in credits. However, the development didn’t start yet therefore it is not possible to give you another release date than «as soon as it’ll be finished» but you can tell us what you think about this feature.

I’ll explain what we want to do:
It’ll be simple. First, we will add a «Expired mission» tab next to the «Missions completed» one on your mission page.
In this tab you’ll be able to see the list of expired mission and reactivate them for a price equal to the number of mission points they give, divided by 10 and rounded up.

For example: a mission giving 10 points will cost 1 credit, a mission giving 40 points will cost 4 credits. A mission giving 5 points will cost 1 credit (because it’s rounded up).

This system will give the possibility to gain the mission points BUT NOT the mission prizes. To win the LD character you still have to complete the missions before the deadline.

This system will allow you to reactivate all missions you didn’t unlock in time before the deadline, no exception.

Have fun!

Saturday 20/10/2012, 01:02

I think this is a pretty good idea for the very serious mission player. But UR need a good mission point leaderboard to make this atractive

Saturday 20/10/2012, 08:24

Well that's a relief; not perfect but a thousand times better than missions being lost forever. I'm in favour of this happening. Any chance of sticking some kind of token reward on "bought" missions just to give them SOME extra purpose? A flat reward of something like 10 clintz or 5 slot tickets is a lot lower than even the lowest prizes now but it still means something at the end of the mission besides mission points. It's low enough that it's unprofitable for people to just buy the missions for the rewards but it takes the Sting out of the "no rewards" idea by at least offering a tiny amount as a compromise.

Saturday 20/10/2012, 10:20

I like the idea! Left the game for a little while, missed the first few Lds the first time through, and have been trying to catch up to a few friends in missions, but trailing just behind for a while now. Still hoping to some day get them all, although a few like 1600 ELO might be out of my reach.

Also, any chance we can get all of the New Blood missions to come to the top of the section as soon as we unlock them. The missions unlock as soon as we buy the card, but if I don't use that card right away, then I have to go back and look through all the completed ones to find all the unstarted ones mixed in. Seems like that could get a bit cluttered real fast as that section will expand quickly.

Monday 19/11/2012, 07:42

Any news on this? smiley

Tuesday 20/11/2012, 08:39

In what rooms are we able to finish all mission ?
Just public rooms ?
No event rooms ?
No guild rooms ?


Wednesday 28/11/2012, 17:40

Hello all,

The feature is now online ! smiley

You will find it in the new "Expired missions" tab on the missions page ; on each expired mission you will find a button to buy it for a few credits.

Details :
- calculation of the cost in credits (for each mission) : amount of mission points / 10 rounded up
- the rewards for completing one of those expired missions is : amount of mission points * 10 Clintz

Enjoy! smiley

Wednesday 28/11/2012, 20:26

Thank you. This is very good.

Wednesday 28/11/2012, 21:51

Doesn't work for Lds? -.-

Wednesday 28/11/2012, 22:53

It should work for Lds, but you don't get the Lds.

Thursday 29/11/2012, 02:04

Looks great! Glad to see a token reward has been added; certainly makes this a win/win feature.


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