[EXCH/TRADE] Variety of Cards

Tuesday 23/10/2012, 21:35

Cards up for trade (and what i value them at):

Blaaster Cr 145k
3x Olga 17k each
4x Thorpah 27k each (3 Full 1 0xp)
Arkn 2.5k
Leviatonn 23k
60x Rolph 9k each (58 full 2 0xp)
2x Toro 17k each
6x XU52 15k each (5 full 1 0xp)
21x Askai 3.5k Each
2x Chill 10k each (0xp)
Oshitune 6k
Rhed Cr 17k
90x Aigwon Noel 275 each

Geuner Cr 100k
Alec Cr 190k

I'm looking for playable Cr's such as Jackie Cr or non-cr cards such as Kalindra that are 20k+.

Thanks smiley Everything is negotiable so feel free to pm me with any offers.

Wednesday 24/10/2012, 01:54

Blaaster Cr is gone.

Caelus Cr 210k
Cassio Cr 110k

Thursday 13/12/2012, 18:32

I´m looking: Olga Cassio Cr


maybe you have others:
Junkz: Sferik Nobrodroid Gil Rowdy Peeler
Freaks: Quasichoco Crassus
La Junta: Jane Ramba Cr
Frozn: Eliska
Piranas: Amiral Coco
Fang Pi Clang: Nekurenbo Fei

I offer some cards like:

Oflgn El Gringo Hammer Randy Lennox Sigurd
Boyle Hilly Billy Kawamashi Kati Macumba
Lost Hog Zinfrid Ryuichi Yoshida Igor Maciej Gork
Draheera Klawz Toro Rolph Miranda Baby Q Louise
Lucy Lena Yayoi Aylen Belgosi Carter Damian
Dr Falkenstein Eloxia Greem Dwan Logan Tomas
Asporov Randy Sigurd Nancy, Wayne Stark, Eebiza
Ambre Eklore Morphun Kenny Cr Chiara Cr

Thursday 13/12/2012, 21:13

Thorpah for 27k? did you mean 12k?


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