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Friday 26/10/2012, 11:48

It's time for Travis Ld to get back to work! And after having stopped off at Fixit Mechanics to turn his new bus into an out-and-out war machine, he’s finally ready to race through the streets of Clint City without a fear in a world. Kolos had just better hold on tight!
Travis Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions connected with him. To obtain this character, you must unlock his last mission before December 30th at 11.59pm (GMT + 1:00).

offline lEaDtop Senior  
Monday 29/10/2012, 21:50


offline -DUC- Jan Titan  
Monday 29/10/2012, 22:30

Uhm i am bit new to the game how do you remove pills from your opponent? Thanks for answers

offline UM_Screx Imperator  
Tuesday 30/10/2012, 00:09


You need to use cards with the ability - x opp pillz min y

The cheapest are probably varoslav and sheryl. Aside from that, neil and elke can reduce opponent pillz through losing the round, and many more!

Clans with - pillz: Freaks, Frozn, La junta, Junkz, Piranas, Vortex, Skeelz, Pussycats, Gheist, and I believe that's it(correct me if I'm wrong)

Oh, and there is also the leader ekloore, so maybe give her some thought...

offline u going down12 Senior  
Tuesday 30/10/2012, 14:07

When is the winner of miss clint city comeing

offline princekhlil12 Titan Past Present and Future
Tuesday 30/10/2012, 16:14

How come a people new here became veteran?

offline Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Tuesday 30/10/2012, 16:43

@u going down
When they get all of the aspects of her polished. Three weeks tops. We could just slap her as a 7/7 No Ability with sub-par artwork, but what would be the fun in that?

offline b0ss52o Master The Cunning Gambit Academy!
Thursday 01/11/2012, 21:15

Call me a noob, but step 2 requires me to Win 50 pillz. How do I win pillz?

offline Crypto140 Senior  
Thursday 01/11/2012, 22:23

There are cards with abilitys of + pillz. All you have to do is get a card with, let's say +2 pillz as its ability, and win a round with that card. There are also cards with defeat: + pillz which means that if you LOSE the round you will win pillz. Candice, Scubb, and Hawkins Noel are all pretty cheep cards with the + pillz ability. Also, the vortex clan's bonus allows you to lose with any one of their cards and you will get pillz depending on how many you used in total.

offline Ice dragon T Titan Dragons Cro Clan
Monday 05/11/2012, 12:39

Finally ,I have all legendaries !!! smiley Travis ld was the last ld missing from my collection smiley

offline ako.c.jathniel Senior  
Wednesday 07/11/2012, 09:40


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