offline Awilly Colossus URBAN MADNESS
Tuesday 27/11/2012, 01:15

I have Jackie Cr and Caelus Cr and I want to get some Junkz, Bangers, and Piranas
The only card that I want for sure is Romana anything else will be okay as long as it adds up to the price of the two Cr's put together

offline 0 Spycee Colossus Army of Elite Mercenaries
Tuesday 27/11/2012, 19:31

Hi Awilly,

I have these cards for exchange :
Bangers (have all cards for exchange without Cr's like Sum Sam Cr - I don't own him)
more pieces : Angie, B Ball, Beeboy, Bernie, Bubbles, Carlito, Fiffty, Graff, Jenny, Kelvin, Kevlaer, Laletitia, Lil Jey, Naykee, Platoona, Randal, Raquem, Shogunn, Sleam, Tunned, Vermyn N (always at least 1 card 0xp)

Piranas (have all cards for exchange without Amiral Coco, Rhed Cr and Miss Lizbeth I don't own them)
more pieces : Baba, Coleridge, Cyan, Ector, Goldie, Gran Vista, Greesh, Hawkins Noel, Kalder, Kristin, Pesth, Puff, Raeth, Scubb, Sheryl, Sliman, Smokey Cr, Spycee, Sting, Tula, Ulrich (always at least 1 card 0xp)

Junkz (have all cards for exchange without Amiral Coco, Rhed Cr and Miss Lizbeth I don't own them)
more pieces : Acid Dc, Allan, Berserkgirl, Brandon, Bunny, Dreen, Fizzle, Flanagan, Flyer, Gibson, Gil, Kawan, Lolly, Nobrocybix, Peeler, Rowdy, Stiko
2x Romana full xp smiley
4x Romana 0xp smiley

Bangers 101 chracters
Piranas 271 characters
Junkz 1566 chracters

Thanks MOD's
PM me, if you're interessed

0 Spycee

offline MadLampy Legend  
Tuesday 27/11/2012, 23:59

Pm if interested...

Got full clans for all apart from following:

Junkz - DJK, Berzerkgirl cr, Romana

Pirannas - amiral coco, miss lizbeth, Smokey cr.

Bangers - Sum Sam cr

I do own a rhed cr, however she is a 0xp and therefore would be looking for market value on it.

If you're interested just pm me and we can work from there on it, quite happy to include cards like blaaster cr / dahlia / gil etc so don't worry I'll try and do it with low end cards

Cheers, good luck and thanks in advance mods/FOs

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