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Wednesday 05/12/2012, 17:30

We'd like to know what you think of a feature we plan to release. We haven't start working on it yet and before moving forward we thought it might be wise to told you about it and know what you think.

If you don't want to post anything on the board, you can answer this survey to tell us what you think :

Our idea is to allow you to sell you Collector characters in credits as well as in Clintz. Kate would still take a small share of the price and you would always have the choice to sell in Clintz of Credits.

Our main goal with this feature is to bring more Cr (especially the big ones) out of their owner collection and to make it easier (and maybe cheaper) to get them. Today, only a few player can gather the millions of Clintz needed for the most expensive Cr and the process of getting this millions of clintz is expensive and tedious. We thought that if we allowed the sell of Cr in credit, owner would have an immediate interest in selling their doubles, as it would give them credits to spend on new blood and such, and for the buyer it's much more convenient.

It might even help us limit the sale of Collectors on ebay and such, it would be nice (as those often ends up badly) but that's not the main goal.

That's the idea, now tell us what you think of it.

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Friday 07/12/2012, 11:19

Thanks a lot for the feedback. Although it seems that most of you would be somewhat open to this feature, I think there are still many question unanswered and we'll put this idea aside for the moment. I don't feel that this feature should be a priority for us.

We have other ideas regarding collector that we'd like to discuss with you, I'll open a new post soon.

I'll close this post now, if you want to add something to what was said, you can contact me at or you can use the survey here : , i'll keep it open for a while

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