Thursday 06/12/2012, 05:08

Hello Guys and Gals, I have a deal I would like to propose.

I am currently looking for a Geuner Cr (Valued at 80k or current market price).

I have in exchange for it many 0xp Berzerkers plus other 0xps from random clans.

Here is the list and what I currently value them at :
Saki x2 5.5k each
Beef 6.2k
Elvis 14.9k
Kawamashi x4 1.4k each
Lola 12k
Revok 1.4k
Taylor 12.2k
Treeman x3 1.1k each
Leela x2 2.1k each
Glorg 10.5k
Jalil x2 3k each
Chill 12k
Bankee x5 1.7k each
Annuqa 2.6k
Lady 15.5k
(remember all are 0xp cards & Geuner Cr valued at 80k)

Please if you can help me out Pm me snd hopefully we can make a secure trade. thanks guys and MOD'ssmiley


Thursday 06/12/2012, 21:10

Still available, willing to pay over 5k of what geuner is valued at in cards to anyone that wants to trade.

PM mesmiley


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