Saturday 15/12/2012, 19:40

Hey, we are recruiting first 30 people without any requirements, everybody else after them need to be at least lvl 30.

What we offer is awesome guild bank with over 200 diffrent cards, all are expensive ones, you can simply use them if you can't afford your own ones yet.

Also, a lot of fun, answering questions and generally helping each other.

Don't hesitate to join

Legends Empire

Monday 17/12/2012, 19:14

Recruitment is still on, form news, I'm going to organise small event and I just added 2 more cards to guild bank.

Sunday 23/12/2012, 00:42

Recruitment still on, new cards in bank as well and soon there will be event for guild members smiley

Friday 28/12/2012, 15:37

We just got our first competitive event exclusive to members with 50k in prizes smiley

Saturday 29/12/2012, 18:13

Awesome guild her join its fun and helpful smiley

Monday 31/12/2012, 00:03

Good Guild and Members smiley

Monday 31/12/2012, 05:49

Can i join this guild?

Monday 31/12/2012, 07:13

I will bring you to the top

Tuesday 01/01/2013, 18:48

Of course you can smiley acutally you're already here smiley

Tuesday 01/01/2013, 21:45

Anyone can join as long as your ACTIVEsmiley


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