offline Dr.Ido Titan  
Thursday 20/12/2012, 13:06

We have a lot of ideas for Urban Rivals, and it's can be difficult to know what you really expect from us, fortunately, we have the message board smiley Your comments on the Cr auctions helped us a lot to evaluate this project. We decided to put it aside until we can solve most (if not all) of the issues that appears. Today we'd like to continue this discussion and talk about 2 other features.

Among the features we have in mind for Urban Rivals, there are 2 that we'd like to know what you think of. Tell us which project should be our priority, according to you.

First idea : A new game mode allowing you to bet on your match

How would it work : The player would purchase tokens with their credits and bet these tokens in their games against other players, to get more tokens. Player would be able to exchange tokens for credits whenever they want, at the following rate : 10 credits = 1000 tokens.

The player would be able to bet 100, 500 or 1000 tokes per game. Winning rates increases with the number of tokens played.

100 tokens : Winner gets 160 tokens, loser gets 10. In case of draw both get 85 tokens. Kate takes 30 Tokens (15%)
500 tokens : Winner gets 850 tokens, loser gets 50. In case of draw both get 450 tokens. Kate takes 100 tokens (10%)
1000 tokens : Winner gets 1800 tokens, loser gets 100 tokens. In case of draw both get 950 tokens. Kate takes 100 tokens (5%)

If a player forfeits, quits or expires the game, his opponent wins the game

The deck format would be restricted, maybe not ELO (even though it's our idea at the moment) but certainly a format excluding the most unbalanced cards.

Second project : A new design of the character cards
The cards haven't changed in a very long time. We'd like to change them in order to bring more focus to the clan and the rarity, we also think of adding a background behind the character. Tell us what you think of the cards as they are now and wether we should change them.

That's it. It's your turn now!

offline Knight Spawn Hero  
Friday 21/12/2012, 05:03

Much respect - to UM_Hairy - i couldn`t agree more... - im a type 2 player - not
ELO player - with that said - maybe it should be - 2 bet rooms - 1 for type 2 players
like myself - with any card option & 1 for ELO players - with card restrictions...
that way - everyone can enjoy this new game mode.. i think that will be fair for
everyone that has luv for this awesome game...

offline 0 ComeAtMe Titan aussie crusaders
Friday 21/12/2012, 05:13

The first idea is a controversial one. It is like a WOP and ELO mixed into one. I strongly disagree with the idea for type 2 and type 1 room for this, maybe a extended 25 and a standard 25 room instead to keep a cap on what you can and cannot use.

@Knight Spawn - why do you put hyphen between chunks of words? It's just odd...

offline 0 Nomi Titan  
Friday 21/12/2012, 05:21

I would like to see "full art" cards that you can only obtain in a way, let's say, in a mass event like Romana's and Uchtul's. They look like regular cards at first, but in the collection, or while playing, it shows complete art, without stats or the frame, maybe even without the name. That would be quite a good reward for events like those, and would guarantee that the card obtained with such effort is not redeemed worthless after it's distributed on the new bloods. As for the first idea, make it with clintz instead of tokens, other than that seems really good to me.

offline Knight Spawn Hero  
Friday 21/12/2012, 05:55

Pay attention to the message - not the hyphen - with a name - 0 ComeAtMe, i find
it funny that you strongly disagree - to play with the big boys.. your stats look great,
so i don`t understand your fear...

offline 0 ComeAtMe Titan aussie crusaders
Friday 21/12/2012, 06:39

I'm, not afraid of the big boys (in fact vsing them is the best way to improve). I like a fair and balanced mode that allow the average player to succeed (1300 in ELO is a good example of this). A unbalanced mode is the last thing UR needs, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer - that's not how it's meant to be.

My question still stands, why do you use the hyphen when it's unnecessary? nevertheless, it's your choice smiley

offline sub-zer Imperator Harbingers of Ares
Friday 21/12/2012, 07:53

Good idea

offline Kikiskeeter Titan Kiki's Swashbucklers
Friday 21/12/2012, 08:10

So what are you to do with the tokens you win? Can they be spent to purchase more cards or Card packs. Being you will need to purchase these with Credits which I image a majority of which are purchased with cash, you are getting cloaser to being a gambling site and I feel changing the concept of the game ( also too many variables within the game's many deck concepts to make this seem fair to many players.)

Second the card redesign: Give each clan a unique colored card with a specific clan background. Used the Ability area to highlight the rarity of the card: Tan background for commom, Silver for Uncommon and Gold for Rare Even used a special card background when a card goes CR.

offline DeepEnd Imperator Limit Break
Friday 21/12/2012, 09:24

Adding to #47 and answering TheDoomBug

Those restrictions are totally possible to do, most of it is already done on events that have restrictions. That can be used almost straight to make the betting thing, so the code to do those evaluations already exists in UR.

And it does not need to be "forum" - Bets are presented in similiar tool as auctions are now presented after you choose the "Bet zone" in game modes. You can search the bets by criterias (amount of clintz, stars, banned/allowed characters/clans or even opponent level etc etc).

Those bets are short-lived, they only exists while there is active participant on game and who defined the bet must commit to the bet over everything else - perhaps so that he must be present constantly on the betting zone - so once you find bet that you want to take the game starts immediately. If the creator leaves the room the bet is removed from the list immediately.

To make the system even more smooth you could also do watcher to follow possible bets, so for example - if you are interested in bets that involve Clan XXX and are within 100-500 clintz - once such bet comes alive you'd get message about it in your inbox.

Also include chat/forum where people can brag or make verbal challenges to induce more betting smiley ... And this thing is definately for 25+ level players and it must be made clear that opponents are almost always using very powerful characters - to lessen the grief factor.

offline Fremmeno Colossus Open Casket
Friday 21/12/2012, 12:18

The first idea, I believe, is perfectly fine. It just adds another competitive element to the game, this also would not be obligatory, therefore people, who do not fancy this, could just ignore it. The issue you are facing is probably making this feature as attractive and as engaging as possible, but not too hardcore. But overall i remember a long time ago, that someone suggested this idea and it was greeted pretty well. This must not go down as the ELO or survivor practice rooms did.
As for the second one, a design change is always a very dangerous thing to do. People do not like to get kicked out of their comfort zones (especially if such things are done with their beloved cards, right? I did not enjoy the Vickie fiasco some time ago that much, you see (For the record, I do understand that this is a DESIGN, not ARTWORK change)), so this change should be done very carefully. I would be supporting this idea a 100%. It would be magnificent if the staff could also ask for possible suggestions or ideas for implementations for any project, while it is in progress, not only a poll whether it is a good or a bad idea, and afterwards go and do it the staffs way. I know there are a lot of creative and smart people, that could make a difference. This project, of changing the design, would not only allow to add a new collector color, which is also highly anticipated, but adding some amazing ideas, which I hope the community will be able to offer.

offline DeepEnd Imperator Limit Break
Friday 21/12/2012, 12:49

If you bet clintz and winner takes it all its pretty perfect way to make the betting system. It gives good profits to winner (something like 80% gain), it allows considerable Kate-fee without affecting the profitability of betting and players can pretty much control how much they lose on negative scenario by either stopping to play if they cant manage the gamemode.

In reality the win rates will be roughly around 40% for unskilled players to 60% in skilled players mean average being around 50% - this means about 45% of players can play to gain some profits and 55% will lose some (because of Kate fee cuts the profits from those who win slightly over 50%...). There will be handful of great players who can consistently win really meaningful amount of games with their skills and make careers on betting zone (superstars)- and good number of good players who will have some profit in the long run, but mostly enjoy the betting scene.

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