The Opening of Candy Jack Land

Friday 21/12/2012, 11:29

Clint City wakes up worried, in anticipation of terrible catastrophes for a day marked out by the sign of the Apocalypse. Everyone lies in fear of a GHEIST attack, a new Kolos or even a new Vortex weapon. A violent tremor is felt and a guttural growl rumbles its way through the streets. Everyone holds their breath. The tremor gets dangerously close...

It’s Dudley Ld clinging onto his stomach and roaring like a brute.


Dudley Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions connected with him. To obtain this character, you must unlock his last mission before February 24th at 11.59pm (GMT + 1:00).

Friday 21/12/2012, 13:48

I have done every single legendary mission ever released from when we first saw Dudley and for the first time I am thinking I can not be bothered this time :depressed: certainly not worth doing all those KO's for just 10 credits

@UM_AaaBattery I meant they should be reversed 20 KO's and 70 life much more sense oh well people get used to playing just Nightmare for a few weeks

Friday 21/12/2012, 13:50

Wow, KO 70 times.

Friday 21/12/2012, 13:55

70 ko...i hope this world end

Friday 21/12/2012, 14:22

Don't complain about 70 kos lol, dudley's mission was alot harder the first time it came out. :P It should go back to that difficulty.

Friday 21/12/2012, 14:53

You have got to be bonkers 70...... That is nuts honestly

Friday 21/12/2012, 15:21

70 KOs is pretty doable with Nightmare, thanks to cards like Kolos and Ghumbo. What I'm more concerned about is 35 KOs with Dudley. I absolutely despise KO missions with a specific character, as they're so easy to grief against, with players timing out or quitting when you're guaranteed the KO.

Friday 21/12/2012, 15:22

Well... If you do 10 KOs a day, you can finish it in a week...

Just do other LD missions in the meantime!

Friday 21/12/2012, 16:51

Stop complaining guys! Dudley Ld's missions were much harder to do when he first came out!;-)

Friday 21/12/2012, 19:32

Weeelll, 70 KOs IS a lot, but hey, it's not like it's requiring you to go out of your regular play style... You just play as you always play, and eventually you will reach 70 KOs :)

I have more problems with "win 50 fights with at least 2 Nightmare", because I don't like playing with that clan :(

Friday 21/12/2012, 20:08

I agree, I'm not wasting my time on this one for 10 credits.


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