offline 0_The_Oracle Imperator Open Casket
Sunday 06/01/2013, 16:52

Hey guys so I will just start us off. I dont get how lizbeth is on top of the charts??? I mean for 1 less damage, you get lulabee, which is FAR more stable than lizbeth. I know, different clans, but Ulu is not that bad by themselves. + there are many replacements, and lizbeth is what, like 60k? this is ridiculous.

I think Dorian is quite borderline as well, uppers can still do pretty well without him. Herman, hefty, even lady are all replacements for dorian, i mean i know he is strong against SoA, but thats it!. Herman is actually more threatening than dorian in many matchups minus gheist/roots.

offline E10din Titan Harbingers of Ares
Wednesday 09/01/2013, 21:35

I really think it's time that xu52 got unbanned

offline E10din Titan Harbingers of Ares
Thursday 10/01/2013

For those who don't get it xu52 and lou are the same card, but xu52 has a better ability.

offline 0 Nomi Titan  
Thursday 10/01/2013, 00:27

Fun thread to read. The best quotes IMO were "i think Jessica is OP", "Fei is garbage", "Spyke could be (unbanned), since berzerk suck so hard.", "Futoshi LD needs an inmediate ban", etc...
About the topic, Beeboy, unlike Futoshi, IS broken and needs to be banned. Kalindra was just unfair, triple OLD + furious Kalindra = brainless win, Askai deserved it, more stable than any other 5* option in the clan, and SOA doesn't really hurt him THAT much. Robb was pretty much a round winner in most situations. A hand with Yookie + Jeena + Gretchen +, let's say, Tuck, was a free win. Muze was unfair as well, and this comes from someone that used to use MonoPussycats, but PC have mediocre 3* to replace her with, i'm expecting a replace to come out this friday. (Hopefully). Azel was a coinflip, Dolly wasn't so unfair, but whatever. I think the current lists are fine, perhaps Ulrich should be unbanned or get a replacement, same for Lou. If FPC were more common in ELO, Tsubame would need a ban, but they aren't.

offline ghelas Titan E X C A L I B U R
Thursday 10/01/2013, 04:55

I don't think Tsubame is all that strong in the current meta, actually. She is a card that is scary against certain hands and very tame against others.

offline 0 Nomi Titan  
Thursday 10/01/2013, 06:20

If you don't open a DR or a SOA strong enough to beat her if your opponent all pillz, you dun goofed, pretty much.

offline 0_The_Oracle Imperator Open Casket
Thursday 10/01/2013, 13:55

Omg omg best thing ever said jessica op? i cant stop laughing. fei garbage, wait till you use bangers/ ulu watu.

tsubame!?!! what?! first op fpc that would come to mind should be shifou, if there is ever one. tsubame is kind of similar to say, something like c beast or dregn. you could argue she is more stable, but she has more trouble winning rounds.

@E10 I think that Lou was banned becuz many of her clan mates were really solid and that she set up lots of ko? true shes not op anymore tho.

offline ghelas Titan E X C A L I B U R
Thursday 10/01/2013, 17:04

I think that Lou is rightfully banned, and that's because so many of her clanmates have attack manip. She is an 8 damage SoA with attack manip, which means if you lose any rounds, you can't afford to let her through late in the game... Which means you have to save pills for her... Except you can't, because of low-pilled Tuck/Gertjan/Rico plays.

I call it "Cliff syndrome." Remember how annoying it was to fight Cliff when Lea and Elvira were unbanned? Yeah.

offline ghelas Titan E X C A L I B U R
Thursday 10/01/2013, 17:33

@Prinz, re: Futoshi Ld:

I think you've fallen victim to "I'm right and everyone else is wrong" syndrome. Let Dr Ghelas cure your ills!

Look, let's assume you're right about Futoshi for a minute. If he's ban-worthy, it would follow that the very similar Shifou is also ban-worthy (1 less star, 1 less damage, slightly different but equally valuable ability.) So, with two OP cards totaling 7 stars, and plenty of other good cards, FPC should be one of the best clans in the game. Therefore, we would see a lot of t100 players running them, right?

...But we don't. Very few top players run FPC, and even the ones that run them successfully don't stick to FPC-inclusive builds for long.

What do you think this implies? Do you think that a few hundred players who consistently score better than you have overlooked something that you alone have figured out? Probably not.

I'm not trying to berate you or be offensive, by any means. But it's not good, in UR or in any other part of life, to reject the valuable experience of others. If a large, well-informed group has come to a consensus on something, there's a very good chance that they're right.

offline AGPrinz Titan The BeSharps
Thursday 10/01/2013, 18:48

@ oracle i read your comment and it doesnt make sense. Futoshi still does the same as Fei against Blaastar CR (tie). Its true he does do better against ULU WATU period, but that is just one clan. Ive already stated that futoshi is better against every other clan, aside from SOAs, which he ties again. WHY WOULD YOU USE FEI? Especially since you have heitachi as well as your second 4* who works better or the same against edwin, chlora cr, nellie, olga Blaastar CR, saki, miho, tula.... sorry but i dont see how belittling my comments is proving yours.

offline E10din Titan Harbingers of Ares
Thursday 10/01/2013, 19:49

I know perfectly well why she was banned, because all the common 3* in her clan at that time were 4 damage, allowing for nice 2hko in 12 life. That's not an issue anymore, and honestly I don't think Lou Arno or ratanah deserve their bans. Strong? Yes. Ban worthy? I don't think so.

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