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Saturday 16/02/2013, 22:50

I'm TRADING my Jungo and Sentinel cards for Vortex and Frozn cards. Below are the cards I have and am willing to sell, all are full unless otherwise specified.

Ongh (58k)
Kreen Cr (52k)
Sylth (35k)
Niva (10.5k)
Scopica (5k)
Askai (3.8k)
Pegh (2.9k)
Psylo (1.7k)
Adler (1.3k)
Odile (1.1k)
Radek (700 clintz)
Boohma (450 clintz)
Borss (250 clintz)

Copper (35k)
Coby (19k)
Hawk (10k)
Havok (4k)
Chloe (4k)
Owen (2.5k)
Miss Chloe (2k)
John (1.8k)

I'm looking for all Vortex cards (don't want doubles) and Kalindra, Stompah, Sah Brinak, Ayah, Thorpah, MIkaal, Haaken from Frozn.

Message me or post for any deals. thanks!

(Prices are negotiable).

offline Hibarie Veteran  
Sunday 17/02/2013, 15:41


offline Hibarie Veteran  
Sunday 17/02/2013, 17:28

Update: No longer need any Frozn characters!!

Just Vortex now, thanks smiley

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