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Sunday 17/02/2013, 19:21

The Rising Kings (TRK), are a NEW guild dedicated to the NEW players of Urban Rivals. We want the new players to have fun. We want everyone to have fun. Starting at LEVEL 5, you can JOIN. You will not have to spend more time than you want playing just to stay in this guild. The guild Founder, (TRK) A713N is VERY ACTIVE, and will be available to speak to directly EVERY DAY if you need anything. You won't be thrown through admins and never get your questions answered. You are just as important as everyone else, at level 5 or level 100.

With less than 5 days since creation, we have 5 Members as of now and are still level 1. Yes, we are in our first steps, but we WILL rise. When we do, the new players that joined us will be the reason they are great. EVERY MEMBER will be helping without even trying, just by playing. EVERY MEMBER will have EARNED those fully leveled bonuses. Do you want to join a guild that is already great? OR, would you like to help create the next great guild?

If you want a fully evolved guild because of their level, then go for it. We are not looking for the easy way out. We are looking to help the new players, and help the guild with perseverance and playing ourselves. Even the great Night School, had to start from here. Look at them now.

We have to potential to be great, but we can't do it alone. We need your help. What you will receive in return:

* 1-1 support and advice from the guild founder (TRK) A713N and other members
* 5% bonus to XP

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