Which pack to buy ?

Wednesday 06/03/2013, 00:11

I will spend 300 credits on packs but which pack is the best about value proportion for me ? Going for titanium or what ?

Wednesday 06/03/2013, 00:54

Wait for the new cards to pop in the NB pack and spend them for 15 packs ... get all the new cards in the shop and all bad send to me for the good advice smiley
In 2-3 words : NB packs when ther are new cards smiley

Wednesday 06/03/2013, 04:14

Honestly, as long as you don't pick Titanium or Basic, you'll be fine and get around the same value from all of them, though I personally don't like Elite.

Wednesday 06/03/2013, 20:55

Sorry about typo in title

I opened a Titanium pack and i think i was Lucky. I pulled Dregn, Wee Lee, Buck, Ayah, Shayna

Friday 08/03/2013, 16:59

Really Lucky my man smiley

Saturday 09/03/2013, 04:14

Personally, I've been purchasing few times and getting free offers with the iphone apps, I recommend you to buy extended all at once. NB is good too if you have enough to open 3-5 packs at the same time and also if you have enough collections already NB is really damn good. hehe

Wednesday 27/03/2013, 07:17

Honestly Titanium gets me the most money but yeah Titanium is for the people of have no luck whatsoever. If you consider yourself luck go ahead for NB or Extended

Wednesday 03/04/2013, 12:10

Fixed title smiley

Wednesday 03/04/2013, 12:54

Or you can just spend them on clintz directly for 200 clintz per credit(60,000 clintz total)

Wednesday 03/04/2013, 20:27

The best pack is titumian


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