offline Diggy928 Legend Time Conquers All
Monday 11/03/2013, 02:15

All cards are at 0xp. I’m only selling each character as a lot, not individually. Prices are based on 0xp market value and quantity.

“0xp” Lots

75x Lance 10k
32x Saki 235k

68x Lil Jey 9.5k

69x Sprinter 55k
3x Roger 3.5k
2x Hilly Billy 2.6k

13x Nekurenbo 26k

77x Bertha 35k
43x Quasichoco 16k

75x Mylka 11k
61x Brampah Noel 8.5k
36x Thorpah 385k
36x Eliska 14k
30x Tsuka 30k
7x Hakunak 3.5k
3x Niqiloda 3.5k

34x Hriger 136k
11x Ksendra 16k

54x Cheep 11.5k
17x Jean 39k

49x Sferik 10.5k
2x Romana 18k

45x Milena 22.5k
16x Brianna 41k

9x Angelo 18k

46x Ozzy 55k
16x Uchtul 220k

17x Amiral Coco 36k
12x Miss Lizbeth 33k
5x Lizbeth 315k

60x Leela 65k
16x Clover 130k

35x Shirley 14k
6x Tina 2.2k

70x Treeman 42k
6x Flora 1.5k

107x Lilou 28k
19z Lakit 33k

47x Thomy 9k
24x Palmer 24k
24x Harvey 30k

61x Belle 8.5k
30x Dr Falkenstein 81k

54x Eugene 13k
23x Fanny 46k
4x Dave 2k

21x Lady 420k
8x Rhody 1.5k

31x Naele 360k
5x T Gaank 22k

Looking primarily for:


Multiples of:
Noodile Cr 13.5k (14k 0xp)
Caelus Cr 100k (105k 0xp)
Jackie Cr 115k (120k 0xp)
Tanaereva Cr 195k (200k 0xp)
Vickie Cr 415k (430k 0xp)
Other playable crs

1 each of (any level):
Shawoman cr 650k
Manon Cr 1.15M
Sum Sam Cr 1.2M
Scarlett cr 1.475M

offline Diggy928 Legend Time Conquers All
Thursday 14/03/2013, 18:23


Brampah Noel

Only have 38x Eugene and 34x Shirley remaining

Still looking for offers on the rest. Willing to negotiate based on current 0xp market values.

offline T3Amnesia Veteran Tᴙiade
Thursday 14/03/2013, 21:30

I buy your 24 Palmer for 24k on secure trade please smiley

Pm me smiley

offline Diggy928 Legend Time Conquers All
Saturday 16/03/2013, 07:58

Palmer and Tsuka gone. Looking primarily for offers of clintz or crs, preferably those mentioned above.

offline T3Amnesia Veteran Tᴙiade
Saturday 16/03/2013, 09:20

Ozzy fo 40k cash and Leela for 55k cash ? smiley

offline Diggy928 Legend Time Conquers All
Saturday 16/03/2013, 19:32

Ozzy is still easily worth 1200 each at any level right now, and Leela is pretty close to that for 0xp. I think my listed prices for both of those lots is still very reasonable.

offline Diggy928 Legend Time Conquers All
Saturday 16/03/2013, 19:52

Putting many of these remaining cards on the market for reasonable 0xp prices, if anyone would like to buy them individually.

I will still listen to offers if anyone sees anything they want, and would rather trade.

I will adjust remaining quantities and prices in a few days.

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