offline HD_Nano Guru  
Wednesday 10/04/2013, 14:50

Hello friends!
Like the title said, i sell (or trade) These lots:
1) 200 Nathan full
650 each (130 k all )

2)10 Beeboy 0xp
15,5k each (155 k alll )

3) 10 Randal (1 is full - 9 are 0xp)
1,4k each (14k all )

4)70 anibal 0xp
2,6k each (182 k all)

5) 49 naele 0xp
11,5 k each (first offer on the market, 563,5 k all)

For the trade i acept :
-Cash (favourite option)
-Lots of:
Gil full (11k) or 0xp (11,7k)
Lehane full (3k) o 0xp (3,8k)
Methane (4k)
-Cr playable

I'm open at all kind of serious proposes.
The price are negotiable, the lots are divisible
All will be done by secure trade

offline HD_Nano Guru  
Wednesday 10/04/2013, 21:05


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