Sunday 28/04/2013, 16:16

Hi guys, this is my 2nd subject about Skeelz..
Well, are they really getting left behind? Maybe it's just me though, I never go past 1300 ELO using Skeelz, the best ELO rrcord that I made was 1352, and the clan that I used is Roots. But Roots wasn't fun for me to play, that's why I decided changing clans, and i got myself into using Skeelz. Skeelz was the clan I enjoyed the most because of their unique abilities. But when I already played ELO using Skeelz, i'm having a hard time on most power manip clans (not most of the time though and not with Frozn), Montana (Avola, who has high dmg, spiaghi, who helps Avola along the way, Moses, who goes, and Uppers,

Sunday 28/04/2013, 18:31

Sorry for the triple post, but I believe what Skeelz need is a good SoB. Tomas is okay, just DR weak. Lorna is a step in the right direction. Maybe a 2* 7/3 or 8/2 SoB.

Sunday 28/04/2013, 18:40

Same problem as ejin's Soa card. Too prone to be splashed everywhere.

Sunday 28/04/2013, 18:41

You were actually my hero.. smiley hohoho.. I agree, cus' Skeelz ain't gonna' get 1 5* and 2 4* if they don't get more than 2 good 2* smiley only weakness Skeelz has I think is pow manip and atk manips. smiley I hope that they'll give us a good card, hopefully a 2* smiley

Sunday 28/04/2013, 18:47

I don't think so. Lehane has the same stats, but we rarely see her splashed anymore.

Sunday 28/04/2013, 18:50


Sunday 28/04/2013, 18:52

Thinking that you might be a Skeelz player, do u also encounter my problems against other clans?

Sunday 28/04/2013, 18:58

Because Lehane is permabanned and majority of spashing is done in Elo format?

Sunday 28/04/2013, 19:39

I think the problem is that Skeelz are meant to play in Mono due to their abilities (Sandro, Dr Falkenstein, Sasha, etc.) However, because they are best played in Mono, they lose out on a lot of combat-wise bonuses. Halfing Skeelz with an attack manipulation clan will be great, but that means you can't utilise above cards. Skeelz also have low damage in general, and cards that make good damage gaps (Snowflake, Greem) are easily run over by power/attack manipulation. In other words, their nukes have average power while their walls can't hurt.

But Skeelz can work though. They're just more difficult to play.

I don't play mono-Skeelz because I cannot control them, but I do splash the occasional Chiara Cr and Redra rarely. With the release of the recent Plunk there are more splashing options to choose from.

Sunday 28/04/2013, 20:20

I've never played with Skeelz but I think it could have to do with the fact that other clans are getting cards with cool abilities and the clans that once weak are getting strong new cards added to them .
I'm a mono pussycat card user for elo but this week i'm using Ulu Watu , I was also thinking of doing a mono Skeelz deck but i need a lot more cards .

Sunday 28/04/2013, 20:37

03:36 Elo you won by forfeit against (-- Derde, (-- Bitter Pill (12-smiley: 1386 ELO
03:09 Elo you beat duedue (10-4): 1375 ELO
02:59 Elo you won by forfeit against - Raiden -, Boot Camp (12-3): 1364 ELO
01:16 Elo you won by forfeit against TpU_Alex, ``THe_PeRFeCT_UnKnOwN`` (9-10): 1354 ELO
01:13 Elo you won by forfeit against arm9n_yrpo3a, Анимешная Гильдия (14-10): 1342 ELO
01:11 Elo you won by forfeit against 1_t3ddy, Rebirth (7-10): 1333 ELO
01:06 Elo you narrowly escaped from rotkes (5-4): 1320 ELO
01:02 Elo you won by forfeit against 0 Gold, Les Têtes Brûlées (10-1): 1308 ELO

My attempt at landing another slacker t100 last night with a Skeelz/Freaks deck. Just sayin'.


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