Sunday 28/04/2013, 16:40

Keep Surviving: Snakes & Sigma

Minerva is a real beast in survivor, but so is everything else! What do you think?


Monday 29/04/2013, 10:35

I would personally change Stella to Lakit. Ive had some fun in survivor with him (managed to fury with him and then lose the rest of my rounds and win lol).

Monday 06/05/2013, 20:03

I changed around the deck around and eventually came up with this deleted I pulled out 18 wins but I want more. Any tips?

Wednesday 08/05/2013, 16:43

Appart from Stella to Guru Cr lol theres not much more you can change. its now down to skill and luck. (Lakit could be tried but some people find his maximum too low).

Good luck smiley

Friday 10/05/2013, 17:59

Lakit's max is wayyyy to low in survivor, I wouldn't recommend.

Sunday 12/05/2013, 20:46

With a lot of good Dr hw can be fun but his maximums not for everyone smiley


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