offline Saga Admin The Royal Knights
Thursday 13/06/2013, 16:52

Two new challengers have stepped into the ring and thrown some Huracans to the floor!

Beginning Friday, June 14 at 18h - midnight.

Come and take part in the show !

offline Misaki Tokura Colossus THE_POWER
Thursday 27/06/2013, 12:19

You finished 211/2339 with 246pointz, the ranking in search freezes at some point, while the coliseum is still running

offline KR8NUX Veteran  
Thursday 27/06/2013, 13:55

I got nothing for 2 coliseums i played... bugged and useless mode of game...

offline LF-Shivanshu Titan lonely fighters
Thursday 27/06/2013, 15:20

Yeah even I didn't before this one. I got for this one though, can the administrator do something about the previous two?

offline 0_DirtyHarry Hero Face Everything And Rejoice
Friday 28/06/2013, 05:46

So how many hours before it starts?? its still stated that its june 14

offline macrovipera Imperator evolution
Friday 28/06/2013, 06:39

Regarding the Coliseum of the 28th of June, in Facebook it says
"Starts at 1Pm to 5PM"
French time obviously.

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Clint City, night.