offline UR_Genie Senior URBAN MADNESS
Thursday 11/07/2013, 15:40

So I was looking into a way to make it so certain aspects of the game come together a bit more.
Primarily looking at missions. From what I see there doesnt seem to be any real motivation to do them aside from the uber competitive players bragging about their mission score.

So I was thinking it would be cool if they had completionist missions. One section of missions solely dedicated to rewarding you for completing a full section of missions.

Now hear me out I know more missions doesnt solve the problem. But what if they gave good cards as rewards. Kind of like LD's where they aren't tradable, but they are playable and strong, or at least help the clan in some way.

Therefore, if you complete all of the missions for Montana you would earn a montana special character. same with all the other clans. This would also allow them if they wanted to impliment another string of Leaders for completing things like all the solo missions, or all the fights/ collections.

I feel like it would make the missions feel more worth doing when you know there is a good prize at the end, especially for your favorite clan smiley. Any thoughts?

*I do not know how this would work in relation to new missions being added, like I said idea is a work in progress*

available Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Thursday 11/07/2013, 16:07

Maybe not tie them to full completion of the missions but a portion of them? Such as getting the all stars card would only need 250 wins, knock outs with Hammer and Harrow Ld and damage with El Gringo and Randy? That would allow both new missions to be added and the possibility for more than one card like such for the clan.

offline J amox Titan Open Casket
Thursday 11/07/2013, 16:24

These would be cool

offline UR_Genie Senior URBAN MADNESS
Thursday 11/07/2013, 16:24

True. I would say link them to like 250 + the cheaper cards missions, Followed by a 500 win and the more staple expensive cards, as well as that one random mission each clan has like 1000 rounds with montana.

offline CB Shango Master Clintz Bank
Thursday 11/07/2013, 16:58

Yeah I really like this idea. Give an extra incentive to play this game

offline UR_Genie Senior URBAN MADNESS
Monday 29/07/2013, 14:08

Any more feedback?

offline Myeltd Titan Limit Break
Monday 29/07/2013, 14:20

Perhaps offer tokens instead of actual characters, the tokens being used to acquire either the cards or a ld you haven't acquired yet?

offline J amox Titan Open Casket
Monday 29/07/2013, 14:33

Or you could say like you have to have a copy of a few certain cards which are related to get another special card. Like uma, bill and all the Wedding folk to unlock the husband.

Could be good.

offline Wakayama3 Titan The United Fans of Homestuck
Monday 29/07/2013, 20:53


That would give the ecensse that you must be more into the biographys and the storys of Clint City. I definetely think that would have been a good idea smiley. the storys are important!

offline J amox Titan Open Casket
Monday 29/07/2013, 21:37

The storys are one of the best bits!

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