Friday 06/09/2013, 04:10

3 edition of this event Big Christmas lottery. In the last edition I give more than 1.000.000 clintz and a lot of cards.
This is a lottery to celebrate Christmas, and since we are close to entering this season I decided to create this Christmas lottery to give a good gift for Christmas to all of you.

Accept donations, but only cards whit the minimum value of 10,000 Clintz.

The draw will be done day 24/12/2013.

Big Christmas lottery 4

Friday 06/09/2013, 04:11

1-Carta no valor 500.000 clintz ( Aguia-UP )

2-10% jackpot

3-10% jackpot

4-10% jackpot

5-10% jackpot

6-10% jackpot

7-10% jackpot

8-10% jackpot

9-10% jackpot

10-10% jackpot

If the event get 20.000 green votes, I add 200.000 clintz to the 1 price.

Sunday 01/12/2013, 03:24

Already have 850.000 clintz in the jackpot smiley

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Sunday 01/12/2013, 10:50



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