offline mitsuko soma Imperator YoungMoneyCashMoneyBillionaries
Sunday 08/09/2013, 10:41

It's pretty obvious how desperate they are just by looking at how ridiculously overpowered Huracan is. On top of that they make like half of the total characters in Huracan and all of the 5* rares. They are trying to milk every last dollar out of their cash cows before it's too late, at the expense of game balance of course. Oh well, this game has been going downhill for along time. It had a good run.

offline MaK-10 Colossus Lords of Chaos
Sunday 08/09/2013, 11:28

Honestly, I agree with you when you say the game balance is nonexistent these days. Huracan is completely OP, and the OP cards continue coming and coming. Unless we update the ELO bans and DT penalties fast and don't give a decent card for huracan in a couple of months, I think this game hasn't much hope of keeping its current number of players.
This is a positive criticism for a game that I have been playing for almost 5 years (with stops, of course). I think that this is by far the worst moment of UR, and I'd really like that the staff did something to improve it.
Until then, I'm quitting the game. There is no game balance these days. I just hope the same doesn't happen with Fantasy Rivals.

offline DeepEnd Imperator Limit Break
Sunday 08/09/2013, 14:24

How is Huracan OP exactly?

On normal game modes they have 1st turn +12 attack modifier and in ELO/Late survivor +14 attack modifier.

But only as long as they have life to back that attack up. Punch in 7 damage in first round and Huracan becomes instantly WORST attack modifying clan in game - Huracan has weakness in their bonus - unlike Montana, Uppers or fulldeck Rescue.

If you play against Huracan in tactics that lets them exploit their high attack manipulation from start to end you are doing it wrong, deny their manipulation = they become less than average. One good SoB in your deck usually does the trick, as do good amount of power manipulation backed up with sufficient pills to overcome bonus advantage.

In my eyes Huracan is nothing to write home about. Definately useful clan, especially because they can halfdeck and no-pill, but since they have vulnerability I dont see Nightmare or Uppers being lifted from their throne.

offline Mach 12 Veteran  
Sunday 08/09/2013, 14:35

They will try everything to win the first round, and their opponent will aswell. I the Huracan wins and both players pilled alot, Huracan would have full hp for massive attack bonus when their opponent has few pills to counter with. Also, Huracan has really powerfull cards compared with most attack manipulating clans

offline Azeem- Colossus Harbingers of Ares
Sunday 08/09/2013, 14:57

Huracan are extremely OP. Noctezuma Kinichaw El Matador. All OP. UR is concerned about money more than the balance of the game. You can't get a 7 damage card every single time, when you do and pill high, they old.

A 1300'er with Huracan can get 1400. A 1400'er with Huracan can get 1500. It takes no skill to use them because there cards are blatantly OP! Half their clan should be permanently banned because their OP. How the hell are you meant to make a deck to counter one clan that is so OP? People do then they get shit scores because their that OP!!

I respect the pros that get 1400 without Huracan, seriously I do. When I see a Huracan user who got high Elo, I rate red. It's simply far too easy to get high Elo scores with them. I typed in 1500 chars but then I decided to shorten my post to make it quite concise and to the point.

Derby Queen , Zapatino, Kinichaw, Noctezuma, El Divino, El Matador, Tabasco Fire, El Mercurio, Magistrado Ld , Lumber Jack, El Gascaro, Wonder Lana, Mister Pollo. Their all of the OP + good + borderline OP cards. It's a pretty extensive list isn't it?

offline Kungfu Sock Senior  
Sunday 08/09/2013, 16:26

All they need to do Is get a few Permabanned(mostly the 5*'s) they bring new ones out with average of 6 power not 7. There only OP because their best card havent had a chance to get permenently ELO banned like other clans have.

offline Pilluminati Titan URBAN MADNESS
Sunday 08/09/2013, 17:10

I'll just add to that rare issue the cards have.

people said the same thing about the vortex and it eventually calmed down.

anyway,if you don't like the huracan,ban their most effective weapons and they'll disappear,but then of course everyone will start saying the same thing about the rescue because they're like the huracan.

offline Dexwell Imperator  
Sunday 08/09/2013, 17:56

Not really OP in my mind, sure they have powerful cards but unless somehow someone can figure out a way to avoid game room rules they won't be able to use them all. Unless of course you're playing T2, but then it doesn't really matter because there are so many high powered cards Huracan ability becomes useless almost. And from my experience playing against them outside T2 and ELO they aren't really hard to play against and thats because they lack a viable amount of decent 2/3* that would help diversify any deck building with them.

offline ultratopas Titan URBAN MADNESS
Sunday 08/09/2013, 21:41

5* kinichaw el divino la cobra lumber jack and now noctezuma why they made that much 5* why not 4*? the only 5* that is not that OP is pandagran and there is only few cards that is average or bad i'm talking about lobezna belly buster and irwigo
bonus is one of the best but if you want to win when you are in 1300 ELO or higher play montana uppers nightmare piranas or join the dark side and play with huracan yourself i complain about them all time but i got some solutions to get rid of them and...
you can see them i ELO but not like in DT or deathmatch yes there are winners in DT's who used huracan but you can win DT with every clan
i hope that noctezuma was the last one and now we will see more cards like belly buster

offline Force Majeure Imperator Open Casket
Sunday 08/09/2013, 23:09

I don't know really, I am yet to lose terribly against the clan, and by terribly I mean a loss that made me think that the clan is OP. They're good in a half-deck or as fillers, but won't be as effective as a mono-clan. Once you succeed in removing some of their life..the rest would have far too less + on that attack to consider them threats late in the game. Even SOB will hurt them a lot. And note how "many" in the clan has a solid 8 power...I think you get what I mean. The thing is, their bonus is pretty conditional/unstable. Not exactly consistent unlike when compared to Montana, Uppers, a mono-clan Rescue, etc. and inconsistency in your bonus facing consistency from your opponent's bonus can cost you the game at times.

I remember back then when rescue came out. People were all like: Boom! OP. Then things settled down. Heck I even remember back then when people panicked and cried out loud that C Wing was way too overpowered! lol. smiley

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