(LFG) Time to move

Monday 16/09/2013, 16:51

On I think... I'm looking for a new guild... I would like a older guild. That wont mind if i'm not the most active....


Monday 16/09/2013, 17:06

I want a guild with active boards

Monday 16/09/2013, 17:32

Your welcome to come check us out. We are old and our boards are active.

Monday 16/09/2013, 21:30

We're old and we... OY, MY SCIATICA!!!

Monday 16/09/2013, 22:18

I toldya you're not young anymore and can't do it like before smiley

Tuesday 17/09/2013, 01:39

You're welcome to pop in here too, even if it's just for a visit. Completely serious. PM me about it if you'd like.

Tuesday 17/09/2013, 01:43

Hmm, the game has died so much that even kingpin is moving? I thought for sure he'd die in mob, buried in a casket made of giant balls. smiley

Tuesday 17/09/2013, 01:57

Well MoB members have let me down by not being active on our boards.. its a shame the boards used to be very active

Tuesday 17/09/2013, 02:00

Try DvF!!!!

Most active boards (we recently had a day where posts filled up to the third page back in just 1 day)!

Tuesday 17/09/2013, 02:05

I remember, hence why I stayed in there for 5 months as admin (despite being "banned from the guild" on three different occasions). The fact that a powerhouse like MoB is dead though is definitely an eye opener, sorta. If I hadn't gone on a "tour" and seen dead guild after dead guild, then this probably would've scared the hell out of me. smiley


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