ELO not changing?

Monday 30/09/2013, 03:45

So, I've noticed today that in ELO mode, whether I win or lose and no matter by how much, my ELO score remains exactly the same. Winning 12-0 (or losing 12-0!) does not even change it at all. What is going on?

Monday 30/09/2013, 03:56

ELO is reseting dude, the week just ended. Just wait a few hours.

Monday 30/09/2013, 04:24

I believe it should be working now. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the reset time is between 0:00 and 4:00 GMT+2. smiley The message from Kate is received shortly after 2:00.

Monday 30/09/2013, 04:27

Ie. The week ends at midnight, and the new week begins at 4am Monday (GMT+2). That's 27 minutes ago by my clock. smiley


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