offline Space Churros Imperator URBAN MADNESS
Thursday 03/10/2013, 06:53

I want to try Huracan and Roots together... most of my more experience friends say it ain't good but I just ant to try it.. though.. smiley

Derby Queen
El Matador
El Zombino
Magistrado Ld


Planning on changing El Zombino for Wonder Lana and pretty much change all of the roots side cause I really haven't use them so I don't know which cards to use.. Treeman or Craho sounds nice and I think I'll Keep Yookie and Tuck.. but I need Opinions..Willow sounds good too

offline Azeem- Colossus Harbingers of Ares
Thursday 03/10/2013, 19:40

You could do this.
Zapatino - El Zombino and then have Amanie - something like Simeon, he'd take advantage of the Huracan's bonus as the more you win, higher the advantage you have. Or El Zombino - El Mercurio + Amanie - Rico.

offline - Gino - Senior  
Friday 04/10/2013, 06:41

Huracan+roots is good in most weeks. Its what fits your style
this week
el matador+magistrado LD+zapatino+wander lana
noodle cr+yookie+rico+tuck

this is a great 12/13 split using both clans. Its consistent and no bad hands.

offline 412rayray Titan D-Versified
Friday 04/10/2013, 15:37

I prefer pollo to zapatino, his ability stop: +3 life works well w the deck n is the only answer for SOA. It depends on ur play style tho

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