offline Espectroscuro Colossus Le p0tager
Friday 04/10/2013, 11:57

What with managing and controlling the clans, day-to-day life of the peaceful inhabitants of Clint City is often seriously put to the test by the arrogance of certain figures.

For example, Nabrissa, the 2 star Pussycats feline who will scratch anyone who dares to disobey her, or the 4 star GHEIST member, Dr Ergo, with his thirst for world domination! And of course we mustn't forget level 3 Frozn member, Stooge, who is doing his best to control his merry band of crazed penguins. And in the midst of all this is sweet Graven, the alien tourist who is now a level 5 Berserk member and wouldn’t think twice about ripping up a phone booth. .

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offline Whitedragon11 Eternal Limit Break
Friday 04/10/2013, 12:03

I really like this release this week, 3 potential heavy hitters, plus a all stop for the GHEIST. I can see all four being played. The least would be Stooge, only because of his shaky stats, but could turn out great especially with his bonus.

To check out their abilities and final arts, check out Disastrous Personalities

offline Wackojacko0 Imperator Anime lovers 101
Friday 04/10/2013, 12:05

Love love love the new pussycats !!!!

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Friday 04/10/2013, 12:13

The pussycat pussycat is good along with the berzerk. Stooge is one of those better against SOA cards and the GHEIST is ok but good compaired to the 4*'s GHEIST has left in ELO lol

offline -DaddySteel- Imperator  
Friday 04/10/2013, 12:15

Interesting release... Dr Ergo´s artworks seem to be the wrong way (lv1 being lv4 and so on) and Stooge is a joke, right? Frozn do not get anything for so long, they are seriously underpowered and lack a massively awesome new card to get out of the gutter and what do they get? This?! Thats just sad

offline Signomi Titan D-Versified
Friday 04/10/2013, 12:43


Nabrissa: 8.5/10 A more offensive Lucy but I prefer to have Lucy in my deck for more walling capabilities against clans like Uppers.
Graven: 9/10 I think this is probably the best Berzerk 5* in the clan, sure Cortez gaps for more BUT Graven has an ability that helps him wins rounds better, and his power is more stable than Lizzy.
Dr Ergo: 8/10 I can see this becoming the new Glorg in GHEIST, same stats as Kristin but a more constant way to activate his ability, Although he has some competition like Methane and Hriger. Leviatonn + Dr Ergo = ouch!
Stooge: 7/10 not as good as the other ones because you can screw yourself over if you play this card at the wrong time...for example vs a card that's a part of the All Stars, Bangers or Ulu Watu, you're guaranteed to have lower power than them, and your bonus might not be enough to help you win. But it's not ability reliant due to it's stats, 8/4, so you could run it in a anti-SOA deck.

offline K475U Titan Harbingers of Ares
Friday 04/10/2013, 12:51

Pussycats : Awesome
Berzerk : good
Gheist : Medicore coz too many competion and why would i use it when Leviaton can Stop all in all turn 1 less star for just 1 less power
Frozn: suck 8/4 is good for 3* but why that shitty ability

offline DUC-phoenix Titan Dutch Urban Crew
Friday 04/10/2013, 14:10

Personally, I'm already looking forward to character #1000. We are currently at 990 cards (incl. collectors and leaders), so it will probably be a month and then there's the long-awaited number thousand smiley

offline UM_Screx Imperator  
Friday 04/10/2013, 15:40

Stooge is no match compared to his competition. The others will have a Niche though.

offline subclavianHoA Imperator Harbingers of Ares
Friday 04/10/2013, 15:49

Nabrissa -- The first 2* Pcat that isn't a complete throwaway. An instant elo staple. 9/10

Dr Ergo -- Well reprisal is better than confidence I guess (Kristin), but adding any conditional makes the card more predictable. Also, at 4 stars he's kinda stuck in the limbo of being too costly to be used as a throwaway, yet not possessing enough damage to be worth powering through. 7.5/10

Stooge -- Wait, shouldn't jake be the one copying stuff? Considering how ridiculous base stats for 4*s and 5*s have become, copy power and damage may not be as bad as it initially looks. Still, Frozn has a huge stockpile of good 3*s so it's hard to imagine anyone using the ice king. 7/10

Graven -- Imagine if the Junkz or sentinel got an 8/6 -2 opp life min 2 character...people would be freaking out! Dunno if this card is enough to bring berzerk back to relevance, but he's pretty good. 9/10

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