Tuesday 15/10/2013, 09:16

The Coliseum Shadow & Light is coming from wednesday october 16 at 10AM
CET (4am EST) to thursday october 17 at 2PM CET (8am EST).Play
with a 28 stars deck and with 10 cards (12 pillz / 12 life
points)Choose to stay in the shadow or shine in this Coliseum and win one of the numerous Collector cards in play.All details available on the Coliseum page.Good luck!

Tuesday 15/10/2013, 10:07

Cool! Will definetely play

Tuesday 15/10/2013, 10:08

25 matches to play smiley

Tuesday 15/10/2013, 10:48

Finally a Mechakolos without buying one smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Wednesday 16/10/2013, 09:57

Ready to shinesmiley

Wednesday 16/10/2013, 11:26

Mechakolos for 500 ?smiley Yaay better than 4-8k for top 500smiley

Wednesday 16/10/2013, 12:06

Its very easyto get a bad hand

Wednesday 16/10/2013, 14:04

Why are so little people playing UR? (was apsent for about 5-6 months). And when are the prizes given?

Wednesday 16/10/2013, 14:53

The prizes are given after the event but you wont get notified. just check if u got additional credit, clint or card. little play this event because it has just started and building the certain deck is quite challenging

Wednesday 16/10/2013, 15:49

Coliseum is like a minigame of UR. It will give a certain rule and certain type of deck that challenges people to play against each other. Its pretty unique actually.


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