offline Mac_Leod Colossus Cocounts Island
Thursday 24/10/2013, 15:18

A weekend devoted to the attack in the Coliseum : Brawl from friday
october 25 at 2pm CET (8am EST) to monday october 28 at 10am CET (4am
24 stars, no defensive ability, and no 4 or 5 stars cards ; everything based on a 12 life points / 12 pillz format.An advanced deck building and 40 matchs to bring you to victory and win numerous prizes.All details on the Coliseum page.

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offline Erni GK Imperator  
Thursday 24/10/2013, 18:18


offline hashburki Guru REIGN OF THE SUPREMES
Thursday 24/10/2013, 23:35

So no piranas, nightmare roots or gheist?
and cards like romana are not allowed either, right?

offline -NN_Sarphyrox Imperator  
Friday 25/10/2013, 00:52

Erni, that right. it seems there is something glitchy with the col checklist. i saw a green check when i tried to squeeze in 4 stars. i guess that was already fixed

offline -NN_Sarphyrox Imperator  
Friday 25/10/2013, 01:00

image i think they should fix this. it confuses me whether to include 4stars or not.

offline UM_Screx Imperator  
Friday 25/10/2013, 08:00

@Hashburki, No nightmare, piranas, roots, or GHEIST.

Romana IS allowed, as it doesn't ban -x opp power and damage min y.

offline Eric BLUFLAME Titan  
Monday 28/10/2013, 07:26

So I finished with 200 points along with some 30 odd other people and the line between getting Vermyn N and Dagg is at 200 points. i'm listed as being below 500th place. how the hell is this determined and why. seems slightly unfair.

offline UM-omom Imperator  
Monday 28/10/2013, 09:43

Coliseum: Brawl 4th place yay smiley

offline -NN_Sarphyrox Imperator  
Monday 28/10/2013, 12:43

Correct me if i am wrong but i think those who gotten the score first keeps the rank. once someone tied the score he will rank a lesser number than those who gotten the score first. once your score is surpass you move down in rank. i actually track my score along with those that have gotten same score as mine and the order of names does not change just the rank. it took only an hour before i rank down a hundred times after i finish the coliseum. so far, this is what i observed

offline UM_Screx Imperator  
Monday 28/10/2013, 14:43

Whenever I get a score, I'm put at the top of that score's ranking regardless of who played before me. This is why some people will save a couple games to play at the end of the colloseum.

That being said, I am unsure how the rewards are divied up for ties. Or... Maybe they just go with the top one?

available Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Monday 28/10/2013, 15:06

They did say at one point that in case of a draw, the initial prizes are awarded by rank, but with the possibility of shifting for the higher prize if the player so wishes.

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