offline Myeltd Titan Limit Break
Friday 08/11/2013, 01:28

After a 46 day retirement from this game caused by 110-hour work weeks and my lack of "tolerable" people to chat with on here (why oh why did char get banned), I have decided to try my luck at guilds for one final time before finally calling it quits and moving to virtual-florida like all retiring gamers. Guild-wise, I am (and only am) following this criteria:

-Guild must be one I have never been in before (for obvious reasons)
-Guild must not rely on their "reputation" to attract members (I couldn't care less about that)
-Guild chat/forums must be decently active (to prevent boredom)
-Guild must be mature, preferably non-requirement oriented (again, for obvious reasons)

Bonus points to guilds that don't primarily speak english, and I will only take requests via private message or in the private chat feature. Oh, and any/all invites which lack creativity or look like they were just copied/pasted will be ignored. smiley

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Clint City, day.