Friday 15/11/2013, 23:56

I don't mind what level (mostly) i just want a guild with alot of people that i can chat with because ur without friends becomes boring.smiley please help?

Saturday 16/11/2013, 00:05

Join Us @ Open Casket:

We'll be celebrating nearly 6 years on UR

Good mix of patient Vets eager to mentor & discuss deck building
Lots of eager newcomers posting daily in our forums

Nightly, there's a good mix of Casketeers chatting during their matches
And we also track card investments & Meta for ELO & Coliseum

We're a family and I've never regretted joining
Many of us email / chat offline in real life

Saturday 16/11/2013, 01:42

Join ""
We are very Active and Willing to help you on All your problems. We like to train you to be Helpers.
Thats our Goal. We also have an Guild Allied. We talk in the chat rooms. So if your interested......This is the right place for you to Join Us.

* So Start today and Join Today. Make your dream and Future Come True *

Saturday 16/11/2013, 12:16

I might join house of inferno. i wanted to join open casket but im waiting for them to accept. smiley

Saturday 16/11/2013, 14:51

You should be bananas, Banana smiley


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