offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Monday 14/03/2011, 11:43

Caelus has been head of the Skeelz Academy for so long now, he'd more or less become part of the furniture. So when he announced his retirement, it came as a huge shock to both his students and colleagues. But they'll be even more surprised when they hear he's decided to devote himself to his secret passion of darts, playing alongside Robb, the undisputed master of the discipline. And in return, the old teacher will initiate Robb in the strange arts of reading and writing... So, it looks like our two old hands have a good few hours of learning ahead of them!!

offline Zi76 Hero The Cunning Gambit
Monday 21/03/2011, 18:47

I like this, but I'd sold a lot of my All-Stars when I came back from being away, so I lost out on having a Robb...

offline Cardz_DvF Guru D-Versified
Monday 21/03/2011, 20:38

I've been thinking (sorry bout that smiley ) about why they put robb cr as cr and i've come up with this:

Robb was constantly in and out of ELO. Player bans (and recently staff bans) because he was a major threat and highly used. Now he's a cr, less people will get him and over time his usage will drop. That way UR can still protect some of the great ELO cards, simply because he won't be one of the top used cards.
Just my take, not sure whether you people will all agree smiley

offline -worthy- Novice  
Tuesday 22/03/2011, 04:41

WHY ROBB? WHY ROBB? I had two copies of him but I sold them smileysmiley

offline Legacy PH Senior Face Everything And Rejoice
Tuesday 22/03/2011, 21:56

@Cardz Ruler smiley

Cool realization dude! a lot of people couldn't have thought of that.. smiley
and yeah. apology accepted smiley

offline thurstkiller Master  
Sunday 03/04/2011, 07:12

Why can't we just make a Cr clan that is a clan that is only out for a month then they all go cr.
or a knights clan where it is people like robin hood or aragon and legolas.

offline Trippie Titan Open Casket
Sunday 03/04/2011, 08:38

"Im sorry since when was Lou Arno noodile Yookie Rico Ratanah even OP in elo?
Shakra sure he is but the rest of the clan is not"

Individually they may not be overpowered, but together they sure are. You can make a half deck, all of 7 or 8 power, and with 4 - 5 damage each, with decent abilities like attack manipulation and DR, all with SOA, for just 13*? That half deck would cripple lots and lots of clans (Sakrohm, Vortex, La Junta, Fang Pi Clang). Then you have the added flexibility of choosing between 2 more DRs, a nuke, and an all stop? (Burdock). Heck you could even throw in a life gap card (Amanie) and suddenly you'd only need 2 rounds.

Unless the SOA clans are nerfed, there is just a revolving cycle: SOA (GHEIST, Roots) vs SOA strong (Ulu Watu, Skeelz) vs SOA weak (Sakrohm, La Junta) and even then SOA vs SOA strong isn't always a sure win smiley

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