offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Monday 14/03/2011, 11:43

Caelus has been head of the Skeelz Academy for so long now, he'd more or less become part of the furniture. So when he announced his retirement, it came as a huge shock to both his students and colleagues. But they'll be even more surprised when they hear he's decided to devote himself to his secret passion of darts, playing alongside Robb, the undisputed master of the discipline. And in return, the old teacher will initiate Robb in the strange arts of reading and writing... So, it looks like our two old hands have a good few hours of learning ahead of them!!

offline Zzeref Guru  
Monday 14/03/2011, 21:04

What do u think will be caelus's new price ??

offline TalS Colossus  
Monday 14/03/2011, 21:08

That's a weird chocie with Caelus..
I was especting either Jay or Chiara, and here's why:
Both Kreen and Smokey were 1 of the first 4 releases of their clans, and the first to have the 'new' ability, so I was expecting either Jay or Chirara because they were in the first skeelz release.
They both have the 'new' ability of Revengesmiley, just Like Smokey and Kreen had the 'new' abilities (Stop: x for Kreen and +Pillz for Smokey).
Oh well.. I have 2 Robb and 1 Caelus so I'm not complaining. smiley

offline HotShot888 Guru  
Monday 14/03/2011, 21:11

Good choice, both cards were imba

offline YoUMakemesick Senior  
Monday 14/03/2011, 22:07

smiley I just sold Robb.

offline NeoAC Colossus Time Conquers All
Monday 14/03/2011, 22:26

I was expecting Caelus to be the Skeelz Cr. Leader + incredibly OP? Of course he's going. Didn't think it was going to happen so soon though, and with Robb coming out? Very surprising.

offline Dregn Colossus URBAN MADNESS
Monday 14/03/2011, 22:33

TalS: I was expecting a skeelz card from the first release as well. Jay was my bet... And Robb was totally surprising to everyone. Junkz never get new Crs. Their last Cr was in 2006. smiley

offline XiXaX Guru {The Aussie Brotherhood}
Monday 14/03/2011, 22:48

Fun Fact: Both Caelus and Robb Can minus up to 5 power from an opponent =) The highest power reductions with a average to low minimum

available yaoihuntresse Colossus Wise Men Distracted
Tuesday 15/03/2011, 00:12

Anyone else getting the image of Eloxia having a little fit now that she can't kill Caelus?

offline M O R D R E D Imperator  
Tuesday 15/03/2011, 00:46

Good thing it wasn't jay or else i would've missed another cr. smiley

offline Poison Ivy89 Veteran  
Tuesday 15/03/2011, 00:56

DJ Korr Cr, General Cr, Guru Cr, Tanavera Cr, and now Caelus making him the fifth clan leader to be a Cr.

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