offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Monday 14/03/2011, 11:43

Caelus has been head of the Skeelz Academy for so long now, he'd more or less become part of the furniture. So when he announced his retirement, it came as a huge shock to both his students and colleagues. But they'll be even more surprised when they hear he's decided to devote himself to his secret passion of darts, playing alongside Robb, the undisputed master of the discipline. And in return, the old teacher will initiate Robb in the strange arts of reading and writing... So, it looks like our two old hands have a good few hours of learning ahead of them!!

offline YoUMakemesick Senior  
Friday 18/03/2011, 23:30

@Knightomato: "Isn't a better solution simply to have more releases of decent ELO cards for Root?"

They do then after 4 weeks they will be vote banned and staff banned until they become perma banned like almost every ELO usable card for Roots.

offline Wombatz Senior  
Friday 18/03/2011, 23:48

BlitzleLove: Of course a card does not become stronger by becoming a Cr, but it becomes less available.
I like Elo because it is a somewhat even playing field. If you want to crush noobs with overpowered cards play any room other than Elo. A powerful non-banned elo half deck for half a million Clintz with ArnoCr YookieCr JeenaCr and RicoCr is just a horrible idea as it completely screws over the balance between old/rich and new/poor players. Elo is the only place in UR where skill matters more than a huge bank account (well, you need 30k Clintz or whatever to be competitive alright), please leave it at that.

available UR_Chaos Titan TRiNiTY
Saturday 19/03/2011, 01:05

The point of my suggestion of Cr ing a whole clan was talking about the oversaturation of clans and the rapid influx of new cards vs. retired cards.... 20 new cards for every Cr.... I mean, if they continue to release new bloods every other week, the now 600+ cards will be 1000+ cards in four years. There is no way, with the current clans, and current abilities, that they can release 400 new cards over the next few years and not have a ton of the same card under different names. It is that from which the idea of Cr ing a whole clan came from... that way they can re-release cards of similar power/ability and they still be considered a different Card because you have one that is Collector and one that is active.
As far as it being unfair to new players, I don't see DJ Korr Cr being multimillion clintz as very fair to any player. Besides, using the roots as example, even most noobs have a few... Cr the whole clan and they now have jeto cr or burdock cr... and since so many people would have them, they wouldn't be that pricey.

offline KNIGHTomato Imperator  
Saturday 19/03/2011, 02:18

@T-1013-C Thats over-dramatic, no. What the bans are typically - the OP; the DR-SOA (staff hate these, mainly coz how it removes most of the benefits of winning the round); and usually a couple of decent average cards, mainly so players have to change around their deck. This isn't exclusive to Roots, check Bristone; Rescue etc.. If, as I suggested, more ELO playable cards are released, you'd get more substitutes when decent cards get banned as people aren't going to ban them all.

@ Chaos Bleedz But its obvious that, if Roots are all CR-ed; and they do re-release some cards with similar abilities; either
A) OP cards are still released, they get banned as usual
B) They only re-release weaker cards
(plus to be totally similar, they need to be in either GHEIST, or a new SOA clan)

In BOTH situations, the obvious outcome is that you're banking on the good/OP now-CR-Roots cards won't be banned, so a minority of players who'd have them can use them in ELO. As Wombatz said this is obviously messing with the balance in a mode thats supposed to be the fair-est of 'em all, heh.

Honestly if CR-ing all of them for the sake of 'letting the new cards come through' meant perma-ELO-banning all of them, would you bother to suggest it?

Too many cards being released may be a problem in the future(and the stuff of another discussion), but is not a valid reason towards CR-ing a clan - which at the moment only seems to be selfishly-motivated.

offline YoUMakemesick Senior  
Saturday 19/03/2011, 03:49

For all of you who are saying Cr ing an entire clan would be unfair because all the rich people would have them and the poor people wont. Think of it like this, if you cr an entire clan I believe nearly everyone has at least a few roots cards and because there are a lot of them out there already made the price would be like terry cr for the medium cards and wouldn't rise much or even at all. The rarer cards may reach 40k or so but they won't go up much after that. Basically a lot of people that have at least 5k can afford at least one of the Crs if an entire clan was made cr.

available UR_Chaos Titan TRiNiTY
Saturday 19/03/2011, 04:00

@ KnightTomato selfishly motivated? I don't see the logic there. I like Urban Rivals, one of my favorite games. but if they release 200 cards that are replicas of old cards with makeovers, then I'm going to get bored with this game fast.
With the creation of the Ld characters, there are no new clans being made like there usually would. I just don't see how with new bloods every other week and Crs twice a year how they will continue to keep the game fresh
. Besides, A whole clan Cr will eventually happen, albeit years down the road,and not all at once, but like i said that clans already have several cards that are too similar to each other.The abilities available are finite, there are only so many combinations of power plus, damage minus, revenge defeat, etc. that they can cram into a clan.
I have every faith that yes, in a distant future, there will be a complete clan that is Cr. Will it be all it once? No. But it will happen. It has to happen if Boostr wants to continue milking the diamond mine of clint city

offline KNIGHTomato Imperator  
Saturday 19/03/2011, 09:13

I don't disagree with any of that, if you've read. But 200 cards will take a little over 2 years, and a WHOLE clan eventually becoming all CR - personally I think thats unlikely, but nonetheless not impossible.

What I disagree with is retiring a whole clan now, for the sake of some people wanting to use its cards in ELO.

As for keeping the game fresh - who among us would argue against that? I'd suggest things like new abilities, new clans with bonuses, but thats another topic entirely.
Like it or not 'retiring a whole clan' sounds instantaneous to anyone who read the previous pages, and I think it would not solve the stagnation (so to speak); and worse still sounds like a 'taking the high-road' argument for people who actually just want to enjoy their exclusive use in ELO.

offline _wise_ Titan the courtyard of shadows
Saturday 19/03/2011, 10:08

Im sorry since when was lou arno noodile yookie rico ratanah even OP in elo?
shakra sure he is but the rest of the clan is not

offline Legacy PH Senior Face Everything And Rejoice
Saturday 19/03/2011, 10:49

@Chaos Bleedz

Abilities existing right now are finite(yep. you could count them one by one.)
But Abilities that could bring interest? Ideas? (basing on the capacity of the human mind). I cannot completely say its infinite but its numbers are enough to prove you wrong. UR is not stagnating because they're recycling abilities.

note: in calculus. infinity doesn't mean infinite. it means a very large number.

Statistically speaking. if you check Memento Mori's UR Character Database. Only an average of 3 cards. have the same stats.
Some two.Some only one. some are none. Some maybe 6(actually I don't recall any 6 cards in UR which has the same abilities). And 6 cards is only less than 1% of all cards in urban. Not significant enough to say that "UR is stagnating because of abilities". (5% is the significant number in order to prove your statement.) Not to mention the clan combo's.

I also don't like the idea of a whole clan being CR. But it's fine. it won't happen doesn't have to happen. Because I think UR is capable of continuing to milk the diamond mine of clint city w/o relying on "Boostr".

I'm just guessing.. what makes UR stagnate is because of the cycling schedule. not the cards released. but the events per month. if only UR could make the game more exciting without relying on the card aspect of the game.

offline DrTravelerLoA Senior Legends of America
Sunday 20/03/2011, 19:33

If you're going to CR a clan, as much as I love them, it should be the Piranas. After all, they're Pirates who live on a boat. Exactly how long are they planning on hanging around on land anyways?

Of course, once you think about it, any clan has the potential for CR treatment. Roots go natural, Ulu Watu move on down the beach, Jungo leave for the jungle, La Junta are redeployed elsewhere, etc.

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