offline UMPUSTEN Veteran  
Sunday 26/06/2011, 13:54

I am new to this game and now try to build a deck for the survival mode.
I want to use my Piranas (mostly because i dont have much other cards smiley)
My deck so far is :
Ahkab , Puff , Scubb , Spycee , Sting , Taljon , Tula , Ulrich

Is it essential to play 2 races? I often see people with at least 3 cards from another race + 1 leader.
In my opinion this deck would make no sense with other cards then piranas. If i only got 3 out then the support gets to low and it weakens the deck?...

Is this deck possible to play at all?
If not how should my deck look like?
I only got cards from Piranas , La Junta , Sakrohm and Vortex . so...dont make it to expensive xD

Thx for the help! smiley

offline Jaannsen Hero  
Sunday 26/06/2011, 16:39

You could use this deck: Coleridge, Scubb, Raeth, Ector, Taljon, Ulrich, Puff, Hawkins
Some tips: Dont use Ahkab for t1, use Selma or Dahlia, I also find it hard using 3 two stars and a three star DR, because you can draw alot of bad hands. Get Bonnie Ld as soon as she is available. And yes, support cards get weaker in when using 2 clans(Dont use more than two clans). If you do make a deck with two clans, dont use support cards, there usually are better options. The reason why people use two clans is because mono(1 clan) decks can easily be countered by another mono deck.

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Sunday 26/06/2011, 17:14

The deck should work ok as it is but to improve it change Ahkab to Selma, Spycee to Hawkins and Sting to Coleridge. some of the cards cost quite a bit though so only do the changes if you have the cards or clintz.

p.s they are called clans not races.

offline UMPUSTEN Veteran  
Sunday 26/06/2011, 18:26

Thanks for the tips smiley
I already changed Sting to Coleridge
I'll try it with Selma (though i liked Ahkab smiley ) smiley
I made it to round 7 without the changes lets see how fare ill make it now smiley

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