offline jsprx Hero Project G.U.
Monday 16/01/2012, 02:42

Ok I need help. I'm currently playing a nightmare deck and I want to play type 1 but my levels are to high can i get some tips for a low level nightmare deck. I have over half the clan no collectibles or legend and if you look at whats for sale i have like the first half with glorg and oshitsune.

offline LimChonKah- Titan  
Monday 16/01/2012, 05:26

Mawpin, artus, edwin, sargh, dieter and pan are all good low level fillers imho.

offline Mr Intelijent Master Harbingers of Ares
Monday 16/01/2012, 05:59

You can do Type 1 with Nightmare but you wont be winning any time soon. If you are happy just being in the top third then this deck would do.

If you want to be a top 100 player and possibly a DT winner however you will need to change clans. I would go with la Junta, All Stars, Bangers, Uppers, Sentinels and Montana. Other clans are possible as well although I have to strongly recommend you do not chose the following: Jungo, Sakrohm, Nightmare, Roots and Freaks.

offline MobiusWyrm Titan Iron Lords
Saturday 21/01/2012, 21:27

What's your deck currently?

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