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Monday 23/01/2012, 13:58

Oc vs The world [ New genaration new journey ]
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''Open casket'' Has get their revenge after 1 year .After Elchew-oc's Pirate hunt Suddently the junta team saw as and cought us to Jail :'( But after 1 year we get revenge ;
This time No chance catching us.. Because, we are coverd with Sentinel Outfit, Brainy skells and Mostly Junkz _ _.. XD And we are stongly ready from mind and power..

Hobbitusz is our Leader { Amber's duplicate But male} I like to be the vice-Leader { Gonna give + attack} Probably asking to Dustorm for a Pilly Fight { Skelled piller } And Nomorecokkie for a Little body hard brain { Sentinel power }
Our hunt starting from today, first we are getting up to the Stage Joining, Then stage 1, 2 , Final
.. Beware !!! Open casket Is going to fight with the world once again to get their revenge.. So world beware and Continue fighting
Jackpot distrubution + Donated cards + Cards from my collection
Joining Fee only 200 clintz and i take 0%

Have a Jungo fun

Probably Very thanks to mods and admins

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Tuesday 24/01/2012, 01:33


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