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"Deep inside the underground of Clint City, an agency established by Clint City's elite is slowly growing. An agency for bounty hunters called The Anonymous Assassins Agency. A place for bounty hunters to fill up their bingo books with new targets and fill their pockets with clintz."

"A warning for you, the more people you defeat in battle, the higher your bounty goes."

Welcome to The Anonymous Assassins Agency. A place for bounty hunters, contract killers, assassins and all the like, to find targets, set bounties and meet other people just like you.

Only Requirement is Activity (Members have to fill their weekly activity bar.)

1. Please speak English as much as possible.
2. No disrespect, racism, bullying or the like.
3. Try to be active in the forums as much as you are in game.
4. Have Fun and Rack up the Wins!
5. Stand by your Deals (Pay bounties you offered)

Wanna know what sets us apart from other guilds?

Visit the guild main page.

Currently Recruiting Admins

Monday 06/08/2012, 08:49

Anonymous Assassins Agency

Monday 06/08/2012, 08:52

Thanks for fixing the hyperlink! smiley

Monday 06/08/2012, 09:13

Those who want to be Admins of the guild, please PM me. Thanks

Tuesday 07/08/2012, 04:54

Features of the guild:

-The Anonymous Assassins Agency is centered on a system I call the bounty hunter system.

-Basically, people can post bounties on the forums and whoever defeats the target first wins the bounty.

-The member who posted the bounty is then obliged to pay the bounty, so don't post bounties if you can't pay them.

-A point system will then be established once I find a group of trustworthy people. This is where the bounty from kills comes in. The more people you kill from bounties, the higher your bounty may grow.

-The basic equation is 10% of your claimed bounties is added to your bounty.

-People can then challenge you for your bounty, if they lose, they will have to pay you that amount. Again, both players are obliged to do their parts.

-If you don't have the clintz, then don't challenge or accept challenges.

-Members are encouraged to create their own bounty hunter profile threads to monitor bounties, progress and kills.

-Finally, we will have daily, weekly and monthly events centered around the bounty hunter system.


Daily: Target of the day! "CharacterName", Reward: Askai

Weekly: Highest Bounty of The Week! Reward: Olga

Monthly: All out in guild event! Reward: Prices given by us and donations by members as well.

Still Recruiting Admins!

Wednesday 08/08/2012, 03:21

Looking for Admins!

PM me.


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