offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Wednesday 16/12/2009, 16:09

Now you can use all your card doubles! Until now Kate only gave away Prize Draw Tickets for common cards (bronze background). But as of today, she'll also give you tickets for unusual cards (silver background) and rare cards (gold background). Kate is giving away 2 tickets for a common card, 5 for an unusual one and 10 for a rare one. Good luck to you all!

offline 0 Anderson Imperator Time Conquers All
Monday 25/01/2010, 01:36

... smiley i dought that..........

offline shady king Master  
Wednesday 27/01/2010, 22:14

I like it but um i can't sell rares

offline Baronight Imperator X. LycurguS .X
Thursday 28/01/2010, 17:17

Anyone feel that the lottery getting suck even more?
how many week have passed ever since the last time we had the "Big 5" CR?

i feel the admin avoid putting godly Cr on lottery
to reduce the amount of people complaint about alt acc getting those card....

offline TnT_Mathwiz Imperator  
Thursday 28/01/2010, 19:39

@Baronight I think the main reason is to maintain the existing ratio of crs floating about. There are few copies of the multi-million clintz cards while cards like Marlysa Cr and Ndololo Cr are much more common. If too many Big 5's were introduced then the coveted value of those top cards would be deflated.

offline shady king Master  
Thursday 28/01/2010, 21:39

Why don't we get 999,999,999 clitz for free? just to speed up the flo of this slow game all in favor say I !

offline Hobojoe25 WMD Titan  
Friday 29/01/2010, 07:21

Well shady king we dont, because that would inflate all of the prices incredibly high. Then your earnings from elo, survivor, daily tournaments, and for each battle would be worth much much less. What do you think is harder saving up for a mona that costs 7 thousand or a mona that costs 7 million. Thats a lot of games at 7 clints a pop. They would have to make a mission for winning a million games so people could afford her.

offline Lynyrd_Bird Novice the courtyard of shadows
Friday 29/01/2010, 10:08

OMG, PLEASE UR STAFF CAN YOU MAKE Lyse Teria Cr as you jackpot???
I know there is Dj Korr Cr , General Cr , Scarlett Cr, Rass Cr , Manon Cr , KIKI Cr
BUT ADD Lyse Teria Cr please

offline Rich Noel Guru  
Friday 29/01/2010, 17:19

"All players are implored to sell all their collectors to Kate. They will, however, be reimbursed with extra tickets for the prize draw..." Just imagine the havoc... smiley

offline Zincomega Titan THE_POWER
Saturday 30/01/2010, 21:31

They should start giving out credits for the lottery too. There's a lucky number for clintz, how about a lucky number for credits?

offline Nintendan WMD Imperator  
Sunday 31/01/2010, 04:49

@Zincomega For real or is that a joke post?

In the lottery as it is I normally put 2 cards in ending with each number so I atleast make 200 clints a day. All I would have to do is the same thing and get free credits. I mean, I wouldn't ever have to pay or play much to get a pack everytime a new blood release comes.

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