offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Monday 23/08/2010, 13:32

Hello all,

You have chosen a miss in each clan. Now it's time to decide who will represent the city during one year.
Vote for Miss Clint City 2010 here :


offline G Man Player Novice Berzerk Army
Monday 23/08/2010, 13:42

Go skeelz

offline elchew_OC Titan Open Casket
Monday 23/08/2010, 13:42

Erzsebet? are you kidding me? XD

offline Tuttobuno - 7 Senior  
Monday 23/08/2010, 13:43

Go nellie!!!

suprise erzebet can go through the final lol xD

offline Rokoshy Guru  
Monday 23/08/2010, 13:43

Go, Tula, Go!

offline Trippie Titan Open Casket
Monday 23/08/2010, 13:45

There was still no FPC smiley

offline Bushidou_PWM Colossus  
Monday 23/08/2010, 14:01

Hula! Hula! Freaks deserve their miss!

offline {TnF}Fujiwe Senior Gilden sind nicht so mein Ding
Monday 23/08/2010, 14:04

Go Tula go! *woho*

offline The Feared Senior the courtyard of shadows
Monday 23/08/2010, 14:07

Jessie!!! All Stars need some help in ELO!

@Trippie- Isn't that Yu Mei? I'm positive that she is Fang Pi Clang, and that she is on the list...?

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Clint City, night.